Saturday, January 19, 2008

the 1200 Club and Randy Graf

Last night, I attended the 1200 Club of Greater Sierra Vista at Pueblo Del Sol Country Club on St Andrews Street. For $ 12, I became a member in good standing of the 1200 Club. Judy Gignac presides over the 1200 Club - epicenter of the Cochise County establishment Republicans. Attendees included County Attorney, Judge Tim Dickerson, and Mayor Bob Strain. Term limited State Legislators Bob Robson, Marion McClure and Bob Stump circulated their petitions for Arizona Corporate Commission as well as Sonita Custom Home builder Doug Sposito running for Legislative District 30.

The CEO of Arizona Opinions and former Kolbe and Kyl pollster Dr. Margaret Kenski
addressed the packed room over the current state of affairs of the Republican Party. She rehashed some of the same data that media outlets have been reporting over the dealignment of the Reagan coalition. When asked about the possibility of a brokered convention, Kenski reported that the last time a brokered convention occurred in 1952 between Taft and Eisenhower. She said that the candidates with the better organizations prevailed. On a personal note her parents were Taft supporters and that they were very disheartened.

Kenski reported that the fastest growing group of voters was Independents with both parties losing members though the GOP held a slight edge. She also clarified that Independents were not a monolithic voting bloc. When asked if the growth of Independents could be linked to rise of cynicism, the failure and instability of out social institutions, Kenski said that our social institutions have definitely failed as has personal responsibility. She cited the failure of families, schools and churches. “We have a problem distinguishing wants from needs. When people are taking out home equity to pay off credit cards to pay for items like Whataburger, we have a problem.”

When canvassed about the development of Jim Kolbe chairing Tim Bee’s campaign in an apparent snub to Randy Graf, 1200 Club members generally defended Jim Kolbe and reiterated their confidence in Tim Bee. One energetic 1200 club member even announced Tim Bee’s announcement rally at a local car dealership.

I made calls to Bee Chairwoman Meg Econ, County GOP Chair Gail Griffin and former legislator Randy Graf, Meg Econ said she would work for a reconciliation between Kolbe and Graf. Meg Econ pleaded for unity. Randy said that he supported Tim as a “good Republican” and Gail Griffin warned that Kolbe better not show his face in Sierra Vista.


Anonymous said...

Good article, 1200 Club is now the Judy Gignac Show. Issues and Future candidates will only get the nod the speak or show their wares if Gignac says so. Interesting enough, she has made no comment on Tim Bee. She openly backed Gabby against Randy Graf. She surely doesn't deserve to President of a Republcian Club.

James A. Bretney said...


I sympathize with your sentiments especailly about Randy. She has managed to gather influential Republicans to her court and we have to deal with her or set up an alternate court in protest.

Be advised Gail Griffin is convening a County meeting at the Knights of Columbus on Kayentan on Wednesday call the Party for details.