Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Anti-McCainiac Strike back after Michigan Defeat

from Jim Ehl

In the Arizona Town Crier of 1-14, Would Arizona Support McCain if he were not from Arizona, there have been some interesting relies. The range all the way from:
"Personally, I am going around to various areas being a surrogate speaker on behalf of John McCain and very proud to be able to do so." to:
"I found this stuff on McCain last night. I will NOT support or vote for McCain. My lovely spouse owns a nice home in Panama. I know where to go if that *%$&#@#^&*$ wins." And he listed numberous links to information on McCain.

If you get the GOP USA Eagle, you will see below that here is what Chuck Muth had to say.


Posted by Chuck Muth

January 14, 2008 at 1:44 pm
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Many conservatives thought - hoped - that John McCain’s presidential campaign was dead beyond revival last summer as, indeed, it appeared. Alas, his win in New Hampshire last week has resurrected his campaign corpse, so it’s time to remind everyone why nominating McCain, for conservatives anyway, would be the next worst thing to nominating Mike Huckabee.
In a Washington Post column yesterday, McCain adviser John Weaver had this to say about opposition to McCain’s candidacy by various conservative leaders such as our good friend and best friend of the American taxpayer, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform:

“Here's who John McCain has angered: self-described conservative lobbyists who basically represent special interests. They're angry at him because he has put the national interest in front of their special interests.”

No, John McCain has put John McCain’s interests before the national interests of freedom and a strictly-limited federal government.
McCain’s sole interest is in washing away the historical memory of his role in the Keating Five scandal by replacing it with a presidential term or two.
The “special interests” which “conservative lobbyists” who oppose McCain advocate for include those who value free speech, which was muzzled by the abominable McCain-Feingold law, those who value gun rights and the constitutional right of self-defense, those who don’t think terrorists planning to kill millions of Americans should enjoy American constitutional rights, those who don’t buy into the hooey of Al Gore’s global warming hysteria, those who supported the Bush tax cuts which McCain voted against, those who don’t think it’s the federal government’s role to regulate professional boxing, and those who object to extending amnesty to illegal aliens.
In other words: conservatives.
Another McCain adviser, Charlie Black, told the Post that “In three or four weeks, everybody will be for McCain.”
I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I won’t be. No way. No how.
If you really want to blow up the Republican Party, nominate McCain for president and have him tap Huckabee for Veep. Then turn out the lights, because the party will be over.

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