Thursday, January 10, 2008

Don't Call It a Comeback: the Flower Children of the 08 Race

From Jim Ehl

In the early 40's a terrible thing happened; there was a world war. Many men and women went away to fight the war and died. When, the war was over and the men and women came home. As nature would have it, we had a 'baby boom'.

Time rocked on and with everyone home and jobs becoming plentiful, the country became very affluent, and probably because of the struggles of the war, many people became very forgiving, and 'spoiled' their kids.

In the Bible. it was said to teach the young the right way and they won't stray, or words to that effect. A couple hundred years or so ago a political reformist named Karl Marx made the statement to give me your children. It's axiomatic that to teach a child anything is what the child is going to believe. And, as the child grows older the tendency is to keep that belief.

Now, put three together, the affluent society, forgiving adults, and children believing what they want to and setting their own standards, we arrive at Woodstock. A wonderful world of no responsibility, do whatever feels good, and let the government take care of everything. Robin Hood, take from the rich and give it to the poor.

The Flower Children didn't go away. They continue to thrive. And, they still have their belief. They are now professional educators, politicians, and leaders in other fields of endeavor and are now teaching children their ways. It's foolish to think that they are all Democrats. Statistics and surveys (by both parties) have shown that there are more folks who believe in conservatism than believe in liberalism. Since that's were the majority of the votes are,some flower children masquerade as conservative Republicans to get the votes for the power of the office. Although some don't agree with Hillary Clinton, many have more respect her more that many Republicans. She is liberal, doesn't hid it, and we know from where she is coming. How about Republicans that tell us one thing and then vote liberal? This nation is floating on a sea of red ink, the dollars is falling manufacturing jobs are lost in favor of service type jobs, and where will it end? When there are no longer enough producers to carry the non-producers, what will the flower children do?

Of those Republicans running for president we read and hear about an equal amount of positive and negative information on each. So far, we have seen that the Republicans in Iowa sure don't see the Republicans candidates the same way as in New Hampshire. And, it's going to play out about the same for other 48 states. So, what are we going to believe? For example, there has been a pretty good discussion on the internet between a couple of good Republicans about Ron Paul. So, cut Ron in half and vote yea for this half and nay for the other.

As long as we am operating without any information, except what we hear from the candidates, and most of us don't have the time, knowledge, means, or whatever to do research on all of them, perhaps we should just vote for George Wallace as a write it, or maybe McGovern.

The point being, where can we turn for reliable information?

The Republican National Committee probably has more information on those Republican presidential candidates than we do on our kids. Support means things like money, campaigning, and such. However, of all those candidates just who, one or all, would the RNC ENDORSE? (Same with state). But, if they don't care, why should we? Even the Arizona state governor is going to announce her endorsing before the election. Does she have more gumption that the party?

A Judge Bork put it, we're still slouching towards Gomorrah. (Or Woodstock.)

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