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Is Kolbe Pulling the Strings in Cochise County?

Bloggers Tim Richardson and R.W. Masterson debate strategy and the influence of erstwhile Kolbe.

Tim Richardson wrote:

Mr. Masterson

I could not agree with you less.

The flip side of “Let's get over the petty attachment to the past” is the consideration that those that do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

I for one do not believe that the good old boys, incumbents, in Washington should be able to attempt to influence a primary election. As has been done in the last three elections.

I do not believe that the self described elite at the party headquarters in Phoenix should meddle in the primary elections.

And I believe that the people in the leadership positions at the State level should be making honest efforts to ensure that those influences do not occur.

Many of those staunch Republicans did not vote because Jim Kolbe influenced them not to. They had a greater loyalty to Jim Kolbe than they did to the Republican Party. When it came to the general election Kolbe dumped the party.

So much for Republican Party loyalties. And your philosophy that any Republican is better than none.

I followed the comments in the AZ Star for the articles for both Bee’s and Gifford’s announcements of opening campaigns over the weekend. The comments on either article indicated that not many are happy with Gabby, even those within her party. But there were a number of, appearing Democrats, who welcomed the participation of Mr. Kolbe as a positive for their side. Many of the comments concerning Tim Bee were cautionary supportive with the caution being the inclusion of Jim Kolbe.

Jim Kolbe may be some sort of hero in Pima County and at the State Party Headquarters but he certainly does not garner that admiration in Cochise County and especially in Eastern Cochise County.

I do not need to shoot myself in the foot to know that it hurts.

Do you want someone in the seat that is a Republican or that merely calls themselves a Republican?

The point being with things as they are, Tim Bee will have a more difficult time demonstrating that he is, in fact, a Republican to a significant number of individuals who have been loyal Republicans for a great number of years and are tired of the shenanigans that make their votes seem empty and of no value.

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This is the kind of attitude that elected Gabby. There were staunch Republicans who would not vote for Randy under any circumstances so we lost those votes.

Graff and Kolbe have been mortal enemies since the 2000 election.

Kolbe is the "honorary Chair". If that makes you want to keep Giffords in office then we are in trouble and might as well just pack it in.

Do you want a Republican representing you in CD8? If you do then get behind Tim Bee. If you don't care one way or the other you could just stay home or you could work for Giffords.

As for me, I want a Republican in this seat and I believe strongly that Tim Bee is our best bet. Let's get over the petty attachment to the past and get something done for the people of southern Arizona.

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My response:

Randy Graf is a more gracious person than myself.

Gail Griffith needs to expand the “no fly zone” to include all of eastern Cochise County.

“You are known by the company that you keep.”

My neighbors and I have some serious reservations concerning any support for Tim Bee because of his affiliation with Jim Kolbe. Kolbe may still have political clout but that is only valid once elected. In the mean time if the affiliation causes a loss of votes, of what value is the clout?

The antics and tactics of Mr. Kolbe during the last election cycle has put off a number of people who are considering joining the ranks of the Independents. Mr. Kolbe’s clout is apparently sufficient to have the State Republican leadership turn a blind eye as to what was happening in CD8.

His bringing in big national dollars to influence the primary elections, with the apparent indifference of the state party leaders, was a slap in the face to the local voters. He blatantly campaigned for Gabby. I do not know, but would like to, if any of the national Republican dollars brought in were spent on Gabby. Now he wants us to believe that he wants to unseat her?

He was working for the Democrats, and may well still be. He was paid for his efforts by Governor Janet appointing him to chair a commission. That position is a political plumb and I doubt that the Governor appointed him because of his winning smile. There are not many political plumbs that a Arizona Governor has and are sparingly dealt out to people to whom the Governor’s party owes favors.

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