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Safford Legislator wants to pull the plug on the Employer Sanctions Law

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Employer sanctions law challenged by Legislators

HOWARD FISCHER has a good article in the East Valley Tribune on January 18, 2008 on the bills that have been drafted by Arizona legislators for action this year. A recap of the main provisions follows:

Rep. Bill Konopnicki, R-Safford bills exempt a company from losing its license to do business for having an undocumented worker on the payroll if that person was already on the payroll before Jan. 1. But that's not all.

His bills require prosecutors to prove "regular, repeated and intentional " illegal hiring before a license could be suspended or revoked. Companies would not be penalized for "isolated, sporadic or accidental acts."

Konopnicki's bills would also limit the types of licenses a judge could take away, a move that would exempt more than half of Arizona businesses from any type of punishment.

Even in the remaining cases, a company would be subject to license suspension or revocation only if guilt were proved "beyond a reasonable doubt," a standard that never applies for civil cases.

Konopnicki's bills would not allow prosecutors to investigate anonymous complaints.

His bills give a clear exemption from punishment for hiring independent contractors who are here illegally.

This creates a loophole allowing businesses to simply fire their employees and, instead, contract with them.

Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa said Konopnicki has an ulterior motive. Owner of several McDonald's franchises, Konopnicki profits from the low wages caused by illegals in the workforce.

Other lawmakers who voted for last year's legislation and are now working with Konopnicki include Sens. Jake Flake, R-Snowflake, Carolyn Allen and Amanda Aguirre, D-Yuma, and Rep. Jack Brown, D-St. Johns


It is important that you phone, Fax or E-mail the supporters of these bills and tell them how you feel about their actions and their bills.

(R) Rep. Bill Konopnicki Phone (602) 926 5409 Fax (602) 417 3105 E-mail

(D) Rep. Jack Brown Phone (602) 926 4129 Fax (602) 417 3010 E-mail

(R) Sen. Carolyn Allen Phone (602) 926 4480 Fax (602) 417 3155 E-mail

(R) Sen. Jake Flake Phone (602) 926 5219 Fax (602) 417 3224 E-mail

(D) Sen. Amanda Aguirre Phone (602) 926 4139 Fax (602) 417 3024 E-mail

In addition please contact Speaker Weiers and Senate President Tim Bee and ask them not to assign these bills to committee or support these bill in any way.

Speaker Weiers Phone (602) 926 4173 Fax (602) 417 3153 E-mail

Senate President Tim Bee Phone (602) 926 5683 Fax (602) 417 3247 E-mail

The actions of these and other legislators make it clear why in is imperative to put the Legal Arizona Workers (L.A.W.) initiative on the ballot in 2008. For more information on the L.A.W. initiative please goto

Don Goldwater | 1928 E. Highland F-104 #616 | Phoenix | AZ | 85016


Anonymous said...

Read the bills. Mr. Pearce and Mr. Goldwater are not telling you the truth. HB 2779 is a flawed bill. It needs to be fix.

Read for your self.

curious said...

So the answer is to allow a number of legislators to exempt their businesses? And to allow intimidation of individuals who might report the suspected law violations?