Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Stalinism Never Looked so Sexy: Obama Update

Dear Friend,
When I endorsed Barack Obama on Monday, I was also endorsing a candidate with the power to transform America.
As President Kennedy said in 1960, "It is time for a new generation of leadership."
This campaign is about a new generation of leadership today. A generation ready to be part of something bigger than themselves. A generation ready to change the country, and a generation ready to change the world.
I'm doing everything I can to elect Barack Obama. With less than a week before my state and 21 others make their voices heard, there is no time to lose.
Please join me by making a $50 donation now:
Like my son Patrick and my niece Caroline, I have found a new generation of leadership for America in Barack Obama -- and I hope you have too!
Senator Edward M. Kennedy
P.S. -- You may have already seen clips of my speech or parts of it on Monday. But take a look here. The energy in that room was amazing, and it's spreading across America:
Dear Friend,
What we do in Arizona this week can change America.
After Barack's overwhelming victory in South Carolina, the spotlight has turned to the 22 states -- including Arizona -- holding primaries and caucuses next Tuesday, February 5th.
Thanks to your work, we've built an unprecedented grassroots organization across the nation. But we only have one week left to make this happen.
Sign up to help Get Out The Vote for the Arizona primary on February 5th:
People across the country are hungry for a different kind of leadership and a different kind of politics.
But they want to know where our movement is headed -- whether all the passion and support this campaign has generated can actually change the entrenched old ways of Washington.
You can answer right now.
Across the state, Democrats, Independents, and even Republicans have come together around this campaign because they know Barack Obama is the one candidate who can deliver the change this country needs.
But in this crucial last week before the primary, it's going to take a lot of effort and organization to turn our support into a strong showing for Barack next Tuesday.
Sign up to help Get Out The Vote for next Tuesday's primary:
Thank you,
Raul AlvillarArizona State DirectorObama for America
P.S. -- If you're planning to vote early by mail in the Arizona primary, your ballot must be postmarked by this Friday, February 1st. If you miss this Friday's deadline, you can also bring your completed ballot to your voting location on February 5th.
Contact your county recorder office for more information

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