Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why did we rescue the kid, if we don't intent to save her?

To The Editor

Regarding the search and rescue of the five year old girl in the Huachuca Mountains .

I thank all of the individuals and departments that in anyway contributed to the rescuing of the five year old girl before any great physical harm befell her. I am sure there will be, hopefully temporary, some trauma for her.

Because of the costs of this incident I believe that the citizenry is owed the proverbial pound of flesh.

There are a lot of questions that arise that I am sure no one will volunteer to stand up and answer. But these answers are owed to the citizenry.

I am more than happy to present these questions.

How did the supposed mother of this child, during the time it took to find the girl, end up in Juarez, MEX? If immediate self deporting was mandatory why not to Naco, Agua Prieta or even Nogales, while awaiting the outcome of the search?

The supposed step-father is in the custody of the Border Patrol. Why not in Cochise County jail charged with child endangerment, child abandonment and child abuse? I believe it is required under state laws. Why aren’t the other people in the group, including the supposed mother, in the Cochise County jail under the same charges?

Was AZ CPS even called? Here is a child found in the desert, in a life threatening situation, without a parent or legal guardian present. It seems CPS territory to me.

How did the Border Patrol know the child was illegally in this country? Why hand the child over to the Mexican Consulate? How were they able to locate the supposed mother so quickly? How do they know the woman from Juarez is the child’s mother? Did they do a DNA test? Maybe she is the victim of child selling.

Was a check made to determine if maybe this was a child kidnapped from somewhere else in the U.S. ? Who is going to pay for the settlement if that was the case?

Just curious.

Tim Richardson

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