Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Foreign Diplomatic Offensive on Behalf of Illegal Aliens About to Start!

from Gene Caferelli
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The National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) extracts and condenses the material that follows from Mexican and Central and South American on-line media sources on a daily basis. You are free to disseminate this information, but we request that you credit NAFBPO as being the provider.

Prensa Libre ( Guatemala City , Guatemala ) 2/27/08

"The government of Guatemala 's president Alvaro Colom announced today that it will carry out a diplomatic offensive in the United States in favor of the thousands of Guatemalan migrants who live in that country." The Minister of Foreign Relations, Haroldo Rodas, told reporters today that the offensive will begin with a visit to Washington set for April 28 when the president will meet his U.S. counterpart, George W. Bush.
"We are going to work not only with the present government but also with the Democrat and Republican candidates who are seeking power."
Rosa said they will also seek to meet with Congressional representatives to discuss the need to give impulse to an integral reform which will benefit the immigrants of this country. According to the Ministry of Foreign Relations 1.2 million Guatemalans live in this country, 60% of them undocumented. As part of the offensive the Guatemalan government is working closely with Mexico , Honduras and El Sakvador.

El Heraldo ( Tegucigalpa , Honduras ) 2/27/08

The Honduran consuls in Washington and New York City have been removed from their posts "for corruption" and irregularities. And an investigation continues regarding the consulate in Houston .

Milenio & Excelsior (both Mexico City ) 2/27/08

Marek Madej just arrived in Monterrey , Nuevo Leon , on a flight from Madrid . It was a scale stop on his way to the U.S. But inspectors in Monterrey established that the Polish passport he presented was "false" (note: no info given as to whether it was altered or a total counterfeit). "Madej", born early '70 according to the passport, then said he was "Revon Salim Jopraeel", an Iraqi.
This is the fifth case of Iraqis who have arrived at that airport in the last few weeks and who have claimed to be citizens of some European country. (Our report of 2/21/08 relates)

Excelsior ( Mexico City ) 2/27/08

In Acapulco , Guerrero, state police answered a call and found human remains: the hands had been cut off as well as the left leg bones. The head had a firearm impact.
A separate article described the broad daylight theft of money by Acapulco "preventive police" from U.S. & Canadian tourists.

Diario ( Ciudad Juarez , Chihuahua ) 2/27/08

1. Update regarding the "narcograve" patio of the house in Juarez : the "PGR" (Dep't. of Justice) reported that they have now uncovered 5 bodies, two heads and three thoraxes. (Note: two other papers said nine bodies had been discovered)
There have now been twenty-three people murdered in Juarez this month up to the 25th.

2. Tuesday before dawn Mex. army personnel seized 5,800 packages of marihuana weighing approximately 4.5 tons at a house at #8125 Valle Colina St. , Juarez, just a block from some schools. The armed criminals guarding the house fled in a Yukon and an Escalade before the military arrived.
This is the fifth locale within two weeks in which the military have found "high impact" amounts of illegal drugs or related items in Juarez .
- On 2/13/08 at Pradera Dorada St. , 25 shoulder weapons
- Three days later, at Campestre Arboleda, 21 arrests, ten AK47 rifles, 2+ kilos of base cocaine, 13,000 doses of crack cocaine, military & federal investigative agency uniforms
- Feb. 20, a second drug factory in the Florencia subdivision; 7 arrests; 4 AK47's; two 9 mm. pistols
- Sat. 23rd, at Del Real subdivision: 700 kgs. of marihuana, 15 vehicles, 3 shoulder weapons, 4 arrests

3. Saul Sanchez, a citizen of Mexico residing in Kansas City , KS , was southbound in a vehicle with his wife and daughter at the border inspection gate to enter into Ciudad Juarez from the U.S. but the Mexican officials turned him around due to some reason related to the vehicle. So, Sanchez had to turn around and go through the northbound inspection gate at El Paso . There, an electronic density device led to a search of the doors of his vehicle. The find totaled 1 million 858 thousand 85 U.S. dollars in cash, all in 50, 20, 10 and 5 dollar bills wrapped in plastic and hidden in all five doors. This is the largest haul since April of '97.
Sanchez goes to court Monday.

4. The latest criminal ruse reported in Juarez :
Thugs go to a public parking area by a restaurant, select a vehicle, enter the restaurant and then announce that such-and-such a vehicle, license such-and-such, is blocking another vehicle which needs to leave. The owner of that vehicle then goes out to move his car, the thugs follow and then rob him and steal the vehicle or, alternatively, kidnap him and force him to withdraw money from his bank accounts.
(note: yesterday we reported on a national poll in Mexico showing that 59.6% of the public feared being victims of armed street robberies. Now a new local telephonic poll in Juarez shows the 92% of Juarez residents fear being victims of such a crime.)

Cuarto Poder ( Tuxtla , Chiapas ) 2/27/08

Three city of Tapachula , Chiapas , police officers flunked the narcotics detection test. And five Palenque , Chiapas , police officers are under 30-day arrest while an investigation continues about their possible murder of a man.

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