Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Guest Worker Slavery

Tim Richardson wrote:

Representatives Bill Konopnicki, Steve Gallardo, Phil Lopes, Pete Hershberger,

Nancy McLain, John Nelson, Rich Crandall, Michele Reagan

Senators Jake Flake, Tom O'Halleran

Regarding HB 2791

I believe that this proposed program, as with SB 1492, duplicate Federal Programs that are already in place and functioning. That Federal program is being used in Yuma and Cochise Counties. In Yuma County though the United Farm Workers are suing because they believe the foreign worker programs are taking work away from their membership.

Expect a similar suit against the State of Arizona if this passes.

As with the Senate version there are no stipulations for what purposes the identification cards can and cannot be used. Such as applying for driver’s licenses, applying for welfare, etc.

Growers that I have talked with in the Phoenix area, and their sentiments are probably valid for anyone north of the Gila River, have said that they would probably not use this program because it would require the to make at least three trips to Mexico for each planting/picking crew that they required. One trip to complete find workers and complete the paper work, one trip to take the ID cards to the border and bring back any workers still available and one trip to take them back at the end of the work. They would have to buy buses and hire CDL drivers.

As the crews they bring in dwindle because of disappearances they would have to repeat the trips to Mexico.

If you view this measure from the standpoint of the potential workers it is like a Christmas present.

Instead of paying a coyote $2,000 or more they can simple pay $300 for two sets of forged documents and get a free ride to the interior, right past the Border Patrol. There is no provision for validating the documents that they present in Mexico and probably cannot be done anyway. One set of documents will declare them to be someone who has a clean record in Mexico and the U.S and they will have forged birth certificates to prove it.

Once in this country they will wait a week or maybe two. Then they will catch a bus to Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta or wherever using the second set of documents. They know that the law provides that no one will be looking for them for at least two weeks, which is plenty of time to disappear. What is the threat to them? The person that will be barred from any further participation will be their assumed identity. All they will have to do in the future is assume another.

This just provides one more method of back-dooring illegal aliens who will ignore the provisions of visas and will greatly add to the number of illegal aliens already in this country who refuse to perform agricultural work. As newspaper articles attest they would rather go begging on the streets than perform agricultural work.

Please stop this measure.

Tim Richardson
McNeal, AZ

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