Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Holy Third Party Politics Batman! The Conservative Party of Cochise County?

from Jim Ehl

Strider wrote:

A short while ago the Arizona Town Crier sent an article titled, "Communications, lack thereof". That received a number of positive replies. However, one from a higher up in the party noted, "....every time I read your missives where you talk about leaving the party, 3rd parties , your disappointment about this or that it makes you irrelevant ." To continue with the irrelevance,

At the CPAC meeting in Washington, D.C, which I understand the state chair attended, Newt Gingrich warns of a GOP catastrophe. In a rousing speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Sunday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called for a conservative “declaration of independence” from the Republican Party. He also warned that Republicans face a “catastrophic” election this year unless the GOP changes course. Gingrich stressed that he was not commenting on any of the current candidates for president. He went ahead to say, and it's a comment about the Republican Party, and all the candidates currently running fit within those two phrases. But it is about all of us. It is about our Congressman, our Senator, our governors, our county commissioners, our school board members. He followed that by saying “And I believe that this is a time for the conservative movement to issue a declaration of independence… . And, he said, I also think that we need to declare our independence from trying to protect and defend failed bureaucracies that magically become ours as soon as we are in charge of them. You are encouraged to read the whole thing at http://www.newsmax.com/insidecover/Gingrich_Warns_of_GOP_Cat/2008/02/11/71879.html?s=al&promo_code=4505-1

Read the underlined line again.

Bobby Eberle writes in the GOP Eagle in an article titled, "The Contract With Conservatives", ".... the conservative base has seen the Republican Party go astray. From runaway spending, to big government programs, to assaults on our First Amendment rights to amnesty for illegal aliens, conservatives have become disheartened. Conservatives are told to be loyal to the Republican Party, yet the Republican Party has shown no loyalty to the conservative base. Conservatives are told to fall in line and work for Republican candidates, yet Republican candidates are not working for conservatives." He also stated that "The elections of 2006 showed what can happen when Republican officeholders do not follow through on core Republican principles. Turnout goes down, and Republicans lose. The trend is looking even worse for 2008."

You can read the contract by going to http://www.gopusa.com/activist/petitions/petition.php?petition=080211_cwc.our

In GrassTops USA Don Feder noted in his article "10 reasons not to vote for John McCain", I just got back from the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C., where conservatives began lining up behind a man who's been sticking it to us for years. By a process of self-hypnosis, many have managed to convince themselves that McCain is actually one of us."

Certainly, there are McCain supporters out there He was elected in presidential preference primary in Arizona, wasn't he? Ron Paul is scaling back his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination and has ruled out running as a third-party candidate, but he’s making it clear that he’s not about to endorse GOP front-runner John McCain.

So, where do we go from here?? On the party blog in a letter from the chair he says, " our party’s nominee will be our own Arizona US Senator John McCain. Let me state once again, our Republican nominee for president will be Arizona US Senator John McCain. " Notice, "our own". He goes on to say, "“Our job as a political party is specifically to elect Republicans to office. That is why the Republican Party was first created and it remains our singular mission today. To do our job, we must unite."

He ends by saying, "If we are united and focused, they cannot be successful, and 2008 will be a year of true Republican resurgence in our state."

I was told "All Republicans should support the parties nominees." That's one size fits all! That's not what I just read from Newt and others.

The only way that I can read this for the members of the party to forget and forgive all the hate and discontent that John McCain has brought on the party and for not other reason than he is a registered Republican support him.

The chair said, to do out job we must UNITE! How, when, why, where???? For the state committeemen receiving no communications, nor plans, nor ideas or direction from the state party not in many cases (like mine) nothing from the local party, repeat, who, how, what, where, when and why?

The chair also repeats the scare phrase, ?Who would we rather trust with the paychecks we earn or with the lives of our sons and daughters: Senator John McCain, or the winner of the Clinton-Obama primary?" That's a qualified answer. Unless McCain signs the contract with conservatives he not going to get a hell of a lot of votes from conservatives, and that should be the goal of the party right now, not to elect him just because he Republican after his name.

Irrelevant Jim

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