Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mexican Drug War Escalating

from Gene Cafarelli

In Mexico, not quite the sort of events for Valentine's Day
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El Universal, La Jornada (both Mexico City) 2/14/08

"The wave of violence left 16 more executions, one of them a Ministerial Police officer, in the last few hours."
(note: the reference to the police is the case reported by us yesterday in Epitacio Huerta, Michoacan)
Michoacan had two other executions yesterday, one in Uruapan and the other in Tanguancicuaro. In the state of Sonora an area drug dealer was found with his bodyguard, both shot to death in the back of a vehicle. That particular drug dealer was himself sought on murder charges.
The state of Nuevo Leon had 3 execution murders reported; one, in Guadalupe, a Monterrey suburb, was the 10th murder linked to organized crime this year in that locality. Two others fell victim in Montemorelos. Other execution murders were reported in Chihuahua (three), Durango (two) and Sinaloa (one). And twelve kidnappings were reported in seven states.

Cuarto Poder (Tuxtla, Chiapas) 2/14/08

A passenger bus bearing signs for the musical group "Galaxia Musical" was northbound toward Veracruz from Chiapas when it was stopped at a highway checkpoint north of Tuxtla. But there were no musical instruments aboard. Instead, under a false double bottom, 16 women and 25 men, all 41 of them (including several children) undocumented Salvadorans en route to the United States. The "pollero" was also arrested.
The local Mex. immigration office reported that over four thousand illegals were arrested in that area last month, mostly Central Americans.

El Debate (Culiacan, Sibnaloa) 2/14/08

Mex. army units conducted an "exhaustive" four hour search of the light aircraft at the local area's Valle del Fuerte federal airport. The search was both physical and related to the aircrafts' documentation and "legal status." At the end of the day, 47 light aircraft were apparently seized and turned over to the "Federal Public Ministry" for further disposition.

Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 2/14/08

1. Today Thursday the body of yet another executed man turned up in Tijuana at dawn; it was the sixth such victim with an attached tag board message threatening against informants. One of the six has now been identified as a local police officer. The Mex. army has made available a phone line and three e-mail addresses for citizens to report about criminal groups and activities.
On the stomach of one of yesterday's "narcothreat message" victims, the killers had written: (note: "dedo" = finger, meaning the victim had been identified as an informant)

2. The U.S. Consul in Tijuana admitted that U.S. citizens have been kidnapped in Tijuana this year and said that fortunately none are known to have lost their life. He opted for not dealing further with the issue and added he could not talk about specific cases.

Tribuna (Sonora) 2/14/08

The Mexican Consul in Phoenix, AZ, Carlos Flores Vizcarra, said that there are some 745,000 illegal residents from Mexico in that state and that some 120,000 of them are from the state of Sonora.

Norte (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua) 2/14/08

Ten days ago, Monday before last, Jesus Enrique Solis Luevano, a Juarez police officer, finished his workshift at six a.m.; he hasn't been seen since.
And drug traffickers are again fighting with each other for control of the area; yesterday at five p.m. they started a shootout out on a Juarez street. It ended with one death, one kidnapping and the wounding of of an innocent third party.
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