Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mexico Fights Back Against the NarcoTrafficantes despite staggering losses

Tijuana Sets New Record for Murders
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Frontera (Tijuana, Baja California) 2/23/08

Yesterday's four executions bring Tijuana's total to 70 this year. From February 11th to the 18th there were 15 executions in Tijuana and, according to the "SSP" (Mexico's Federal Dep't. of Public Security), this January Tijuana was Mexico's most violent city: 70 in 53 days; 43 in January.
Two of the three cases reported yesterday were a 19 & 20 year old brother and sister. Both had been handcuffed. They were finished off with 37 shots from AK47 rifle.

Diario 21 (Iguala, Guerrero) 2/23/08

19,900 "cocaine reactive" pills inside 199 containers were found and seized by Mex. military at the airfreight facility of the Tijuana airport.

Diario de Xalapa (O.E.M./ Xalapa Veracruz) 2/23/08

(headline:) "Due to migration, there are neither teachers nor students."
In Chalahuite, Tuxpan, state of Veracruz, the migration of younger married couples has emptied kindergarten and elementary schools in this area, and teachers have had to go elsewhere. The playgrounds are deep in weeds and the swings and teeter-totters sit unused. (note: a photo with the article showed exactly this: the empty playground equipment sitting in tall weeds) The town had 1500 residents in 1970 but now there are less than 300. They've left for Reynosa and other cities to the north, where there is work.

Diario (Ciudad Juarez) 2/23/08

yesterday in Juarez at :
- 3 p.m. : at the intersection of 21 de Marzo & Juan de la Barrera Sts., an "armed commando" in a vehicle shot a man out on the street six times. There were other pedestrians including pre-school age children in the area at the time.
- 5:10 p.m.: at Oasis de Mongolia Street: a man, face down, handcuffed behind his back, torso on the sidewalk, legs on the street. Shot dead.
- 5:30 p.m.: in an empty lot where De Las Torres Ave. ends, the body of yet another man shot to death.

El Pulso (San Luis Potosi, S.L.P.) 2/23/08

43 packages of marihuana weighing 454 kilos, cocaine "cutting" gear, some ammo, ski masks & cartridge bandoleers were seized at 100-A Valle de Santa Aguede St., Villa de Pozos, San Luis Potosi. No arrests were made.

Tiempo (Chihuahua, Chih.) 2/23/08

(both items below are updates)
1. Re the report yesterday about the military cordon around the house at #1847 Cocoyoc St. in Juarez: They have now found six cadavers (La Jornada , Mexico City, says eight) in the patio of that house. Digging continues using mechanized equipment.

2. Re the aircraft found by the ranch 50 miles downriver from Juarez: that aircraft turned out to be a 2-seater "Ultra-light", a UL-12, Rotax-6913440, serial # 0894511. It was equipped with lights for nighttime operation.
The vehicles at the site: '04 Escalade, Texas lic. 152-HNF; an '04 Expedition, Oklahoma lic. AGI096; an '06 Silverado with no license. All had keys in the ignition and all may have been stolen from the U.S.
The name of the ranch: El Trebol.
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