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Mutiny In the Ranks: Arizona's Own Robespierre in His Own Words

from Jim Ehl

Strider wrote:

I am a retired 'carrier pilot'. I can tell you that you don't stop an aircraft carrier in it's tracks. The same goes for the state Republican party. It has been controlled so long by the congressional delegation (CD) that it will take time to change the party to represent the members. Even before Joh Kyl selected Bob Fannin to replace Minnaugh the CDs kept center stage. In reading where Jon Kyl said the purpose of the party is to elect Republicans shows that the CDs see the party as their secondary campaign committee.

There are about 30 responses so far, pro and con, to Rob's position. Go to the links below to read them.

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Subject: Arizona Political Articles in Blogs activists should read

I believe I was elected by precinct committeemen to give voice to the Republican conservative activists who felt disenfranchised by the elites who controlled the party. This is but the latest attempt to silence those who feel the Party has been hijacked by McCain. Dr Kyl's Rx is that "the Party should not take a position on issues." It is a cinch that the Democrats are not going to object to McCain's liberal policies. Dr Kyl says Party leaders cannot. Well, who does that leave? That leaves precinct committeemen without a voice. What a perfect "catch 22". Thank you Dr Kyl for your Rx for disaster.
Several points of clairification to be aware of while reading the posts and comments:

.It is highly suspicious that our National Committeemen waited until a few hours after the State Meeting to announce their endorsement for McCain. Were they afraid their endorsement would not be received with universal delight? If they maintain their endorsement was just personal and had not one iota of effect, then why would they both do it at the same time and before super Tuesday? The point being that here again, with similarities to the McCain's Amnesty Bill, the elites are building a steam roller effect and are going to shove McCain down the throats of conservatives no matter what we think. And we are not permitted to object or we are branded as bigots and racists and filled with hate and vitriol.

.The last time a resolution was brought forward to the County Board, a great fuss was raised that notice should have been given before hand so all would have time to study it. That is what I did.

.As far as bringing the resolution up after the vote on Super Tuesday, the Board only meets on the first Thursday of every month. Hence, the first opportunity for us to represent our constituency, in response to our National Committeemens' endorsement, would be two days after Super Tuesday.

.If McCain wins enough delegates on Super Tuesday, I would obviously not bring the resolution forward. But all the reports I have heard suggest that no candidate will win enough delegates on Super Tuesday to win the nomination.

.The PCs I represent are not alone in their belief that Senator McCain, by his liberal record on key issues, represents a grave danger to the Party and the Country. His candidacy represents a turning point in American history. If he prevails, the Republican Party will be but a reflection of the Democrat Party. If he prevails, it matters not what happens in the War on Terror for we will have lost the war with Mexico without a shot being fired. He indeed represents the "Manchurian Candidate" and "Trojan Horse" brought in under the "Big Tent" that will ultimately destroyed the Party.

.Conservative talk show hosts have every right to be concerned and oppose McCain. As an extension of McCain's attack on our freedom of speech through McCain Campaign Finance Reform, how far is it to the institution of the "so called" Fairness Doctrine which would end talk radio?

.The ultimate irony here is that whenever we voice our objections to McCain's liberal policies, we are called too divisive and polarizing. It seems none of our detractors will acknowledge that just the opposite is the truth. We stand for the Constitution and Party Platform; McCain clearly does not, but we are branded as being divisive.

.To hear from our detractors, we have no right to object to McCain in the manner we choose. Think about it; the adoring MSM can tout McCain endlessly, the liberal newspapers endorse him in glowing terms, the elites trip over themselves endorsing him, but we can only object in the manner our detractors allow, and that is defined very narrowly. I beg to differ.

And that, "my friends", has been, "Straight Talk."

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