Thursday, March 06, 2008

County Tax Hikes

Probably by now everyone in Cochise County has received their residential notice of value for 2009. In has two parts; full cash value and limited cash value. Full cash value is used to compute secondary taxes. The limited case value is used to compute the primary taxes. In the past, as home values have increased, the full and limited property values have increased, and residential taxes have increased.

Through 2006 the full cash value and the limited cash value remained basically the same. The limited cash value cannot exceed the full cash value, so through 2006 Cochise County was being taxed at the fullest value amount. In 2007 the limited property value, the value used to compute the primary tax, was less than the full cash value. In that year the full cash value on this property was raised 53 thousand bucks but the limited was raised 16 thousand. 2008 rolls around and the full cash value was raised another 23 thousand bucks while the limited cash value was raised about the same. Now, 2009 is coming and probably because of the housing bubble that burst, the full cash value was REDUCED about 10 thousand bucks, but get this, the limited value was RAISED 20 thousand bucks.

If this keep going, the sheriff will probably have a lot of property to auction off for non payment of taxes. Now, we are waiting to see what is the tax rate for 2009.

Taxes are controlled by the governments, city, county and state. The governments are run by people that are elected by the voters. So, besides the ballot box, below is another course of action.

Jim Ehl

To all Arizona Tax Revolt Volunteers and Coordinators,

I just received word that the legislature will NOT give SCR1024 and SCR1026 a formal hearing. This means that big government and the high tax lobby has successfully torpedoed our “BACKUP PLAN” to the November ballot.

So friends, it is up to each of us to commit our time and dollars to successfully qualifying the Tax Revolt initiatives. We have just 4 months to go until the signature deadline and frankly we are running out of time. The alternative for many will be losing their homes due to more double digit tax increases, and I am sure you agree, this is UNACCEPTABLE! Given the likelihood of a recession, ask yourself how many pay checks are you from foreclosure? What would happen if your 2008 property taxes were to increase by another 40 or 50 percent? How would your friends, neighbors, coworkers and family be affected? Let’s get everyone involved in signature gathering like our homes and businesses depend on it, because they do!

In addition to lower property taxes, the Arizona Tax Revolt property tax rollback measures will restore investor confidence in Arizona’s real estate market. Much of our economy depends directly or indirectly on the sale of real property, construction and related industries. Have you heard of any other plan that holds the promise of softening if not avoiding the local impact of the impending recession?

Those of you that have been doing such a fabulous job gathering signatures and recruiting new volunteers, please keep it up. Those that could be doing more, please make the commitment NOW to do so.

Coordinators that are running low on petitions, please request more to avoid running out.

Your Humble Tax Fighter,

Marc Goldstone, Chair.

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