Thursday, March 06, 2008

Excerpts from Jason Lewis on Limbuagh Show: Pump Some Gas Please

Minnesota's "Mr. Right," Jason Lewis of KTLK-FM in Minneapolis, filled in for Rush on Thursday. Jason will be back tomorrow for Open Line Friday.

Show Highlight: Everybody is up in arms over the superdelegates in the Democrat Party. The bottom line is neither of the candidates can win without them.

Freedom lovers around the world better wake up to Hugo Chavez. This guy is Castro with oil.

Jason Lewis Pearl of Wisdom: "If Ethanol was a more efficient and cheaper fuel, the government wouldn't have to mandate or subsidize it. It would be brought to market."

We don't have an energy policy in this country, we have a political policy. Global warming is not a crisis, but if the greenies get their way it's gonna burn your back pocket.

Jason Lewis Pearl of Wisdom: "The greatest untold story in American media is the rise of conservative black folks out there."

McCain has work to do in getting the conservative base back. The worst thing he could do is select another moderate governor as his running mate. How about Condoleezza Rice? McCain also has to get a grip on his global warming position. That could really make or break him. Right now the issue is hovering like a green elephant in the GOP's living room.

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