Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jim Ehl OUTING the RINOs

If you get the Pachyderm email, just hit the old del key. There are two. But, better to get this twice than not at all.

First, an 'atta - boy" must be given to Howard Levine of the Pachyderm Coalition. By coming up with a program to inform the grass roots activist, as well as others, of the actions of our state legislature is a tremendous task. This is something that should have been started by the state party years ago, but now we have the "Pachys" helping us out with info on who is making the laws in our state which we must live by. Hopefully, this message will resonate in all Legislative Districts. A copy of this is a must for your election folder.

Remember a year ago the Arizona Town Crier reported how may times a Republican Legislator backed the Democrat governor. Two ladies led the pack, Allen and Hellon. Hellon was defeated for re-election. Allen, although facing a good conservative, won the re-election. She had been endorsed by Kyl, McCain, and others in the elected elite. Seems the people in her district valued rhetoric more than performance. I note that because once again she is pegged as a RINO.

Until conservatives are made aware of candidates for re-election voting record, state or congress, the incumbent advantage will prevail.


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From: Howard Levine
Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2008 11:10 PM
Subject: [Pachyderm_MO] Legislator Ratings Published

The Pachyderm Coalition Policy Committee has published legislator evaluations based on legislative actions taken as of last Friday. Evaluations will be updated weekly throughout the legislative session.

This is a breakthrough with evaluating legislators. Typically, evaluations are done AFTER the legislative session is over. By doing weekly updates DURING the session, we will allow legislators and their constituents to have an opportunity to affect legislators' scores.

Here is the link: http://pachydermcoa Legislative_ Report.html

Howard Levine
Policy Committee Chairman

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