Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mac Continues The Attack!

John McCain Campaign wrote:

The McCain Update - February 29, 2008

This week, John McCain traveled through Ohio and Texas in advance of Tuesday's primaries in each state. From Tyler and San Antonio to Cleveland and Cincinnati, the crowds at all of John McCain's events were excited, and the energy was contagious.

In West Chester, Ohio, John McCain visited the Armor Holdings factory where they assemble armored vehicles used in Iraq. After touring the plant, he held a town hall meeting, speaking to hundreds of employees before answering questions.

John McCain also held a town hall meeting at Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy in Houston, Texas. After the event, former Secretary of State James Baker endorsed John McCain. Secretary Baker said, "I support John McCain because he has the critical leadership qualities, real-world experience, and resolute moral compass that our next president will need in order to responsibly address the daunting global and domestic challenges that lie ahead." Click here to read the press release of this endorsement. To read our growing list of supporters, click here.

The Democrats Attack

This week we witnessed the first of the negative TV attacks that will be waged against John McCain. The liberal group has begun airing an attack ad on cable television that flat out lies about John McCain's positions. We saw a similar attack from the New York Times last week, and it is only the beginning.

Democrats AttackNational Liberal Democratic groups are rolling out their strategy for the General Election, and we need your help now to combat the upcoming attacks. It appears that the politics of "hope and change" are euphemisms for even more vicious attacks than we've ever seen before. All the usual liberal suspects -, the Democratic National Committee, The New York Times and others - are adding to the efforts under way by and are plotting to spend over $20 million to smear John McCain.

We need your immediate help to fight back against this attack from the angry Liberal Left. There is nothing they will hold back, no limit to what they will spend, and we have to be ready to fight back and tell voters what we already know: that John McCain is the right person to lead our country on day one. Click here to contribute today.

Show Your McCain Pride

To show our appreciation for your on-going support of John McCain, we are offering a special thank you. With your immediate contribution of $100 or more, you will be sent an official John McCain 2008 lapel pin that identifies you as a key McCain supporter. John McCain remains steadfast in his commitment to leadership that promotes principle over politics, and now he needs a commitment from you.

As a supporter of John McCain's presidential campaign, you will receive a special McCain 2008 lapel pin with your donation of $100 or more today. We need your financial support now more than ever as we build our campaign funds to take on the Democrats in the fall. Please show your support by making a donation and proudly wearing the McCain lapel pin. Thank you.

Latest News

Below are some of the top news articles from this week. For more news articles and press releases, go to for the latest update.

* AP: McCain Returning To Say Thanks To NH
* Tyler (TX) Morning Telegraph: McCain Played to His Strengths
* Houston Chronicle (TX): Poll: McCain And Obama Lead In Texas
* Washington Times: McCain, Obama Spar Over Iraq War Policy
* Fort Worth Star-Telegram (TX): McCain Chides Obama Over War
* Los Angeles Times: McCain Has Edge Over Democrats
* New York Times: The Real McCain
* Akron Beacon Journal (OH): McCain Says Ohio To See Lots Of Him
* USA Today: Democrats Promise A Lot, But Who Will Pay The Bill?
* Indianapolis Star (IN): McCain Stays On Message In Meeting

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