Sunday, March 30, 2008

Tim Bee is targeting Nancy Pelosi


I am asking for your help today. March 30th is the last day of this
reporting period and we must have a large cash on hand figure to be
competitive in this race.

We can and will win, but in a tough political environment we will need to
put on an aggressive campaign. As you know, my Democrat opponent has raised over a million dollars and has Nancy Pelosi in Arizona this weekend raising even more for her. With your help, we can send a clear signal that we will have the funds necessary to win in November.

I pledge to fight for southern Arizona in Congress and stand up to the
special interests that seem to have so much influence with my opponent. Because you are a supporter of the ongoing struggle for lower taxes, reduced spending, and less government interference in our lives, you can help. Please click here to make a secure, online contribution for $500, $250, $100 or even $35. Whatever you can send will be greatly appreciated.

Time is of the essence. Your immediate contribution will send the right signal and enable us to run an effective campaign. Again, thanks for your help in this important effort.


Tim Bee

P.S. Please contribute today!

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