Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fort Carson Soldier Frank Gaspar Killed in IED Strike outside of Najaf

I am writing to you to mourn the loss of Sergeant Frank Gaspar whom insurgents had killed in an IED strike near Najaf, Iraq. Frank came to the Headquarters Company of 3rd Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) shortly after 9/11.

What kind of a man was Frank Gaspar? Frank was a family man who enjoyed simple pleasures, an easy joke and a good time. He was mild mannered, amiable, reliable, physically fight, intellectually sharp and morally straight.

I can't remember one thing Frank did that was morally questionable or self serving. He was the kind of guy you took for granted until you are put in a situation with people you can't depend on.

We could always depend on Frank around the equipment. He always shared his knowledge when asked and he was afraid to show his mettle or keep his combat skills up. Frank was a true friend and always kept faith with his comrades even when they occasionally did things that he did not agree with.

Those traits about a long time ago weren't that uncommon a long time ago. Nowadays, you would be hard pressed to find those same values emulated in the words and deeds of men especially younger men. But that was the kind of man Frank was.

It is with great sadness that I mourn the loss of such a great and true friend as Frank Gaspar. And I am ashamed that I did not know him more, I just thought he would always be around. Unfortunately, men like that aren't always around and his death is truly our loss. Those of us who still breath the gift of life in our chests owe it to men like Frank be better men, to remember the freedom and livelihood we enjoy had been
bought and paid at such a dear price and this world is a more impoverished place.

Let us not forget that those that took Frank's life have dedicated themselves to our annihilation upon which no peace whoever evil can be bartered. On the passing of this Memorial Day and the passing of this great man, let us fortify our efforts and keep faith with those engaged in the fight and support them and our nation to victory of which there is no substitute.

James A. Bretney
Sergeant, United States Army Reserve
Sierra Vista, Arizona
(520) 255 4137

James A. Bretney
Test Engineer
520 538 4451 (work)
520 255 4137 (cell)

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