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A Libertarian on the SV City Council?

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From: David Morgan
Subject: A Libertarian on the SV City Council?
Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2008, 8:07 AM

Is it possible?

Scott Thompson, 27, ( Cell 520-208-3719) obtained enough signatures to get on the ballot for the non-partisan Sierra Vista City Council election this fall.

In a recent meeting he related to me that he is ex-Army, currently a UAV instructor employed by General Dynamics, with a very young family and a new mortgage -- and concerned with the economic/political direction of the city (and the country). He is a self-described Libertarian and fan of Ayn Rand.

Libertarians espouse "smaller government, lower taxes, more freedom"

Given that, and the recent electoral history of members to the SV city council, it will be an steep uphill battle to displace any incumbent. Non-partisan as it may supposedly be, the council is made up of persons who all look, and sound, alike (and I'll wager on political affiliations) - and perhaps that is comfortable to the majority of citizens in the community or at least those that vote.

The City successfully rid themselves of the only non-homogenized member of the council when two years ago long-time local entrepreneur Tomas Gallegos resigned after a bogus County Attorney-led criminal indictment (later dismissed) so discouraged him that he left town and sold his local small business of 20 years. (His council-appointed replacement, Stephanie Prudence, resigned less than a year later when the mortgage broker for whom she worked filed bankruptcy, providing a convenient time to move to Hawaii where she now works for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.)

The 2006 council candidacy of student Chris Campas, even younger than Mr Thompson, in which he very narrowly lost his bid for a seat on the SV City Council in the last election, may provide hope and instruction for Mr Thompson. (Campas is now a Democratic candidate for Cochise County Board of Supervisors.) But you can be sure that the current local political powers, the city administration, and the SV Herald won't allow that kind of risk to their comfortable positions to happen again without a big fight (though all will say very nice things about a young man who is interested in "bettering" the community and will support him for an interim, non-authoritative position).

NONE of the candidates or sitting councilmembers has (to my knowledge) a record of entrepreneurship or even significant work in the real private (non-government contractor) sector. They all get, and have for a long time, taxpayer-paid government checks.

That is apparently true also, for a lesser time, of candidate Scott Thompson, but at least he expresses some concern about the economic and political impact of such a narrowly limited local economy.

I'll stop just short of a full endorsement for Mr Thompson. I need to learn more of his positions on specific local matters - and I've not yet had the opportunity (which may not happen) for one-on-one meetings with other candidates - but I certainly support his candidacy so as to expand the dialog and options for voters.

And, I have pledged a tiny cash contribution to his campaign.

I urge you to consider communicating with him and supporting his candidacy in whatever way you are able and seems appropriate.

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