Wednesday, June 25, 2008

McCain wants Bee

Dear James:

You know that I don’t believe in mincing words or pulling punches. I’ve never shied away from telling it like it is as a United States Senator, and I’ll continue to do so as President of the United States. I believe that in times of uncertainty we need leaders who won’t bend when presented with difficult decisions. Tim Bee is just that kind of leader.

Tim is a friend of mine who’s seeking election to Congress in District 8. This is no ordinary race. In fact, it’s one of the most important races in the entire country. You see, our Nation is at a crossroads. The results of this year’s elections will determine our future on issues such as strengthening the economy, lowering taxes and reforming health care. The decisions made this year at the ballot box will affect not only the people of today, but for generations to come.

Americans deserve a Congress that will do right by the people, not bow to the whims of special interest groups. As President of the Arizona State Senate, Tim has already demonstrated his convictions and leadership through his ability to solve problems by bringing people together. While his opponent was busy endearing herself to Washington bigwigs, Tim was working to increase funding for our schools, protect our military bases and cut taxes on individuals and businesses.

My friend, this is a race WE CAN WIN! Tim is the right candidate at the right time for CD 8. He’s done a great job building support for his candidacy and his race is now recognized as one of the most competitive in the entire country. With your help, we will take back CD 8 from the clutches of special interest groups and return it to the people.

I am asking you to please join me in supporting Tim's campaign by making a generous contribution of $35, $50, $100, $1000 or even the maximum $2300. Please click here to make a contribution now. Please do it today - the June 30 filing deadline is less than a week away


John McCain

P.S. I look forward to serving you as President of the United States alongside great statesmen like Tim Bee! Thank you for all your help and support. You are the backbone that makes our country great!

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