Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Welcome to Swing Town!

Welcome to swing town, where the hep cats and kitties go to jive dancing the blues away into the wee small hours of the morning.  I am your default host James “Jimbo” Bretney swing dancer par excellence and I want to welcome you into my world.


Swing dancing – what is it?  Swing dancing is a partner dance popularized by the late 20’s and early 60’s set to jazz standards.  As I write, Mr. Artie Shaw is in the background playing “Begin the Beguine.”  The basic dance, we teach in swing town is the jitterbug.  It is a step – step - rock step.  For gents, you will step with your left foot, then your right, then you will place your left foot behind your right and shift your weight to create a rock step.  Ladies, you do the opposite.  You do that and BAM! – you are officially a swing dancer or swing cat as we say in T-town!


Why dance?  Good question, folks I think everyone should dance.  I will have so much fun at a swing dance event that hurts me that not more people dance.  It is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.  It is that good.


Enclosed is a music video, your humbled author wrote, directed and produced to give you the uninitiated a glimpse of the joy that is swing dancing.


I have also attached a few flattering pictures of your esteemed author to democratize any misconceptions you might have that swing dancers are effete elite pretty people with the social acumen appropriate of a Baz Luhrman cast member.  We are just regular people trying to have fun.






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