Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hollywood Update

Fellow artists, last week myself Ricardo and Cliff Wong went to Tanya Essien's event where we met Neri Rivas who is the art director at one of the biggest Hispanic Advertising Agencies


Here is his portfolio,


Neri presented his career story which is very compelling for a guy still in his 20's. He worked in FIDM at a low wage, high stress job and decided to pursue a free lance opportunities. His rent was coming due and a network opportunity led him to his job at ORCI. He told us that he really loved typography - a class most of my peers blow off. I also looked at his work. It was in an order of magnitude above my own but not out of my reach.

I also met Tom Hamilton, the hiring manager for EA. I asked him what EA's hiring prospects. He told me that they were pretty dim. They laid off over 1500 people and that they would not be introducing more games because some of their launches failed to get off the beach.

What I came away with:

1) develop and update my portfolio
2) make more informal contacts

There is an event for gamers in the OC called Beer Wednesdays attended by the folks at Giant Studios. Of which AI-OC alums Ryan Quinlan typically attend.

In the movie industry, my buddy Kevin is busy and working. So that's good. He had a behind the scenes bit Iron Man 2. Those big productions are very political. Mickey Rourke complained on Fox News' Hannity that others tried to get him kicked off of the film.

In Indy news, my buddy Luis Pimber is releasing his short film. Sundance, the Sante Fe and possibly a festival in Los Angeles may be in Pimber's future. Your loyal author contributed somewhat in the deep developmental phases of this now finished project. HADITHA veterans Elliot Ruiz and Andrew McLaren reprise earlier roles as an undercover narcotics cop and white supremacist biker respectively.

Ryan Seacrest Productions did not select me as a contestant for their television reality series Chance. However a film by David Neff where I was Unit Production Manager called Westward soldier premiered at the Tucson Film Festival. Oscar D. Rivera was the cinematographer.

I finished my photography portrait where culinary student Jessica Moffatt modeled:

Final Project:

Political campaign advertisements is advertisement media. And on that score, my good friend and fellow soldier, Jonathan Paton released a slick TV campaign ad that featured footage provided by the none other than your loyal author.


The footage at the Tea Party was provided by me! The newspapers are a buzz that his slick campaign ad could signal a challenge to incumbutent Democrat Gabby Giffords who is unpopular in the district but it also signals a threat to Tea Party candidate Jesse Kelly. I have met and done ads for both. I like Jesse. Jonathan's my friend.

My Analysis:It is a bit grim when the hiring manager for one of the largest gaming companies has laid off so many workers. It further reinforces what many economists have reported that the lay offs have cut into the bone of most companies in anticipation of more macroeconomic instability from Washington DC. We know that the studios are making money. Box offices are reporting record sales. Are other parts of the escapist economy such as television and games taking off as well?

I am not driving to the OC but there has to similar events. I am cutting back on my school schedule to devote more time to my craft. One's craft also needs life experience. In other words all work and no play make jack a dull boy.

Side note:My website debuts today. A colleague Daniel Newsome from Seattle was the bare bones web architect. You will be glad to know that little Timmy Warren was the digital colorist.


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