Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I really did not like it. There is too much unnecessary nudity. I am told that the network is pushing the nudity angle. If that is true, then you need to tell them that STARZ is not competing against HBO, SHOWTIME or FX. It is competing with CineMax.

People I did not care about include:

SURA - what a bimbo

ILLYTHRIA - what a tart

SPARTACUS - what a dumbass

People I did care about include:

GLABER - he is in over his head. He knows what he wants. He just doesn't know who he is. I think we can all relate to that.

SPARTACUS's ally who induces him to desert - I think the writers here really got how military necessity, politics, bureaucracy can sometimes protect idiots and seeing this man die affected me some

GLABER's FATHER IN LAW - what to do when you discover your son in law is a douche and you suspect that your duaghter is painted harpy

The nudity throughout the film is really obnoxious. SURA and SPARTACUS love each other. How can we show a scene that demonstrates that healthy marital love? I know we will show a scene where they have sex! How about a scene that shows here is a likeable couple with normal problems that is thrown into a situation that is beyond thier control. I hate to go back to the 1960 film but look at how Dalton Trumbo developed Varinna and Spartacus. If you really wanted to grab us and still remain true to the nudity aspect, why didn't you show Spartacus watching the Roman soldiers rape SURA just like in Apocolypto. That would have allied the audience instead of alienating us.

I am told that there is an army of writers tasked with making this beuatiful. You better create scenes that convey emotion and drama like Empire Strikes Back lest you get sucked down the CGI eye cnady black hole that George Lucas followed with his last 3 unwatchable movies.

Filmmaking is tough. And you have to be tough to do it. And Lucy Lawless and company proved they could do it over and over again and bring new veiwers to the genre. I admire your moxy for taking up this project. I do not like the execution of this project. I am not sure I like the vision.

One of the reviewers said this show is not for children. I wonder if this show is for adults. I am going to continue to watch, but I am not recommending this series to my friends and family. I picked up 2 T-shirts for my nephews. Do not make me regret giving those T shirts to them. I don't want them to have a bad impression of thier favorite Uncle.

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