Monday, October 25, 2010

LA County Sweeps Child Abuse Complaint against the Hollywood Rapist Under the Rug

From: Airborne Productions, Inc.
Subject: Poor Service on the Child Abuse Reporting Hotline
Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2010, 2:06 AM


The purpose of this email is to complain about the service I received in reporting child abuse. On Friday October 22. 2010, I wanted to report a case of Jeff Bowler but I am not sure that my accusation against Mr. Bowler had ever been properly logged because the attendants hung up on me.

On Friday October 22, 2010 at approximately 1pm, I called the hotline to report that Jeff Bowler abuses his children by his neglect, emotional abuse and his sexual abuse. The County Employees under your charge kept interrupting me, evading questions I had and spoke over me numerous times. There was a Jennifer and a Ted Bazley who hung up on me when I wanted to speak to his supervisor Sid Curtis. I called back to speak to his supervisor but his secretary said he was out of his office and that he would not allow me to leave a voicemail.

These bureaucrats serve the residents of LA County. Is it good public service to interrupt, evade, speak over or belittle its masters? Bureaucrats work at the pleasure of the people and if this is the type of service, our servants render on to, there will be a backlash. Meanwhile, an unfit father in Chatsworth is calling his daughters sluts, neglecting their basic necessities and sexually abusing them.

I would like firstly for someone to competently file my complaint against Mr. Bowler, perform an investigation to verify my accusation and see that Mr. Bowler is punished by the maximum extent allowable by law. Then I demand that these public servants make an accounting of themselves. I would like an apology and I want changes made to ensure that this never happens again.

Can you do that?

Thank you.


James A. Bretney | President | Airborne Productions, Inc | 520 255 4137

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Tyrone said...

"facts".. except it was not a shared home, he let you stay there
you destroyed the place, tied your child up. etc