Monday, October 25, 2010

Open Letter to Councilman Ed Reyes - LAPD run amok

From: Airborne Productions, Inc.
Subject: False Arrest - Andrew McLaren
Date: Monday, October 25, 2010, 7:21 PM

To Whom It May Concern,

On October 11, 2011 Andrew McLaren was falsely imprisoned by your Los Angeles Police Department.

At 9:30 PM, Andrew McLaren returned to his place of residence of 22358 North Summit Ridge Circle Chatsworth California 91311 to discover 8 police officers and 4 police cars. Mr. McLaren discovered his place ransacked. 2 police officers, a police sergeant known as the fat Filipino as he did not identify himself and a young police officer also known as the Armenian as he also did identify himself, then proceeded to berate and browbeat Mr. McLaren in public and in front of his children.

1) So I ask you is it proper police procedure to get into the face of its citizens without charges being filed?

2) Is it proper police procedure to yell with spittle projected onto the faces of its citizens without a proper investigation that examines both sides of the allegation?

The Fat Filipino and the Armenian asked McLaren where his "guns" were. The Fat Filipino and the Armenian stated with belligerence the reasons why they were there. The police received a 911 phone call from McLaren's babysitter that guns and drugs were plain view of his children and the other children residing at 22358 North Summit Ridge Circle Chatsworth California 91311. The Fat Filipino and the Armenian demanded to know where the guns and drugs were.

3) If it is illegal for a citizen to provoke a fight with another citizen, why is it not illegal when the police do it?

The Armenian ransacked McLaren’s car looking for drugs and guns despite McLaren’s repeated attempts to inform the police where the gun and ammunition was. McLarens also told the police that he did not do drugs.

4) Is it proper police procedure to usurp a citizen’s 4th Amendment property and privacy rights against lawful search and seizure even if the citizen is cooperating with the police and is truthful?

By 9:45 PM, Andrew McLaren was in cuffs headed down to the police station. Can someone answer these questions for me? As a resident of Los Angeles, I am very disturbed by this extra-Constitutional and arbitrary use of raw police power. I demand answers and my attempts to reach a police supervisor, obtain a police report or the arresting officers on the scene have proved unfruitful. Can you please help me?

It is also very safe to assume that this incident this incident is commonplace. How many other incidents like this have occurred with those arrested who are without means and notoriety?

Today, October 25, 2011 at 10:44 am, I spoke with a Detective Stromeyer Serial Number 35550 for 6 minutes and 51 seconds. She would not:

a. Release the police report even though it is a matter of public record
b. Release the names of the arresting officers even though it is a matter of public record
c. Release the reason why the police had been called even though it is a matter of public record
d. Release the reason who called the police even though it is a matter of public record

We are not hamstringing the police so they cannot do their job. We are demanding answers and that they follow proper police procedure laid out by the U.S. Constitution. Can they do that? I am writing this letter to you as you identified yourself capable of representing the public interest and are responsible for the management of police affairs within the jurisdiction of Los Angeles. Are you prepared to do your job?

Thank you

James A. Bretney | President | Airborne Productions, Inc |

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Anonymous said...

It says that Mr. McLaren was never arrested once the Police realized Jeff Bowler made the story up. In fact there is a warrant out for Jeff Bowler's arrest.

Anonymous said...

Call the Gardner Ma. Police Department if you know Mr. Jeff Bowler's whereabouts, he skipped bail. 978 632 5600