Friday, November 19, 2010

To the Pantywaist Colonel Stephenson at HRC

With all due respect Colonel, if you don't like my videos, then gird up your loins by composing an argument to refute the facts I have laid out. It is unbecoming of a warrior to fight his battles by proxy.

Instead of using the petty powers of his office to wage a Sisyphean war against the truth, surrender your jealousy and do your job. Process the the now 7 year old award packets. Give the brave men who defended the south wall of Baghdad International Airport an up or down vote on their Bronze Stars. It is so unmanly to be so disgustingly jealous.

I am not going to take down my videos. I am not going to alter the facts to fight your spic and span image of all things Army. Officers like you make me sick. Officers like you kill soldiers because you protect dirt bags like Captain Amanda Gatewood, candy-asses like General Casey and deranged murdering terrorists like Major Nidal Hassan because you are more concerned with political correctness than you are about killing the enemy.

American needs a lot less General Powell and General Clark and a lot more General Curtis LeMay and General Patton.

You are a disgrace. Do your job. You lazy slug. You are lucky you are an officer. If you are in my squad when I was in, I'd run you out of the military. Nothing disgusts me more than a leader who is unworthy of the respect of his men.

Will the real America please stand up?

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