Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1st Complaint against an Arrogant Instructor

De : James Bretney
À : Jessica Hoffman
Envoyé le : Mar 20 juillet 2010, 20h 15min 44s
Objet : Re : Tr : Locations

I am willing to discuss today's events with you as well.

Re: my email
I believe if you had an issue with my participation in upperclassmen's shoots, it would have been nice if that conversation was privileged and not public.

Re: the camera
I don't know what else to do except apologize which I have. You have made your feelings known about me to me and the whole class. It is your class. I will do my best to follow your rules. Everyone of us falls short.

Re: checkout
My partner at the time Blair demanded I jump the line as I checked out equipment before. I could not jump the line without clearing up the fine Jessy. The cage recorded me as having a fine even though I paid the fine in April. It has taken a long time to clear this issue up. I had to look through my records. I had to make multiple trips to accounting and the cage to clear this up. I used some of that time during class to clear it up. I used some of this time outside of class to clear this issue up. It has taken a long time. It is impossible for me to check out equipment. You can talk to Chris McKee about this issue and he will tell you that it is not my fault I cannot check out equipment because as I said in the past I paid the fine in April. FINALLY I was able to provide them the documentation the cage needs to clear my fine. I am not blowing off check out on the contrary I was doing my best to expedite check out.

Re: the pace of your class
I am doing my best. Understand I have disabilities and handicaps as well. You wanted to know something personal about me. I gave you what you wanted. I am not perfect. I am screwed up in a number of different areas. You say I am not "respectful." I could not disagree more. Everyday I go into that classroom and you are teaching, I learn something. I learned something today about the tripod. One of the film instructors said that art is about about pain and creating something beautiful is painful will hurt you. Learning can be painful too.

Again, do not make the mistake in thinking I do not respect you. You have what I want. You have a knowledge of that camera. I suspect that you are great editor. You have the esteem of my friend Danny Thompson. I am doing my best to be a good student and do the right thing. After you asked a man to do his best, there's not much more you can ask of him.


James A. Bretney

De : Jessica Hoffman
À : James Bretney
Envoyé le : Mar 20 juillet 2010, 19h 30min 54s
Objet : Re: Tr : Locations
Hello Jimbo,

I do have suggestions for you regarding producing. It's best for me to deliver them in person if you are interested. I wanted to address your email in class today but I did not have a chance to pull you aside. Let me know if your interested, I'ld be happy to share with you my opinion outside of class.

Beyond that, I need to address your behavior in class today. In six years of teaching I have never had a student drop a camera. If you truly want to be "respectful" it is important to be present during the entire class (including camera checkout) and follow directions. Who knows you may learn something you did not know if you simply trust the pace at which I teach. I am very thorough and will not be rushed by impatient students jumping the gun.

After working in our industry for over a decade one of the most important lessons I have learned is not to work for anyone who does not fully know what they are talking about. Take time to really learn all aspects of filmmaking if you want to be a successful producer. I have no doubt that you are passionate and eager to work with budding artists so keep in mind that the best producers are the ones that understand the business as well as the process. Engage in the process this quarter and really learn everything you can so when you do produce you fully understand what it takes to make a film. A couple quarters of working on student projects just isn't enough to know everything. Personally I continue to learn with every project I work on and still have to ask questions and slow down when doing something for the first time.

Take Care.

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