Sunday, May 22, 2011

Complaint to the Dean about Security - NOTHING HAPPENED

The purpose of this email is to complain again about the conduct of the Security Commander who as a rule has consistently been hostile to the students and their creative advancement and growth.

Yesterday at 2pm, I scheduled appointments with actors with Cory Goines. This is in compliance with yet another unwritten ad hoc rule imposed on we the students by the Department Head and the Security Commander. I absented myself from the situation in an attempt to diffuse the situation.

Nonetheless, Cory reserved the room through the Registrar. The Registrar double booked the room. Actors were waiting and the Security Commander wants to shut down the audition. The Security Commander is raising her voice, telling Cory what he can't do instead of helping the student. She comes off with a lot of attitude and jealousy. Cory related to me that she embarrassed him and embarrassed the school in front of outsiders. Only Security Officer Williford resolved the situation peaceably and professionally.

We basically have to schedule audition times, meetings and rehearsals around the Security Commanders' schedule. We the members of Cory Goines' preproduction team are on his staff so that he can overcome doubt and provide comfort, solutions and nurture his vision. Instead, we have an authority figure from our school actively and arbitrarily obstructing us in the safe and constructive artistic expression. We are dumbfounded by what we can only assume to be a perverse jealousy.

Her hostility is such a stark contrast to every other security officer detailed to this school. Each officer is courteous and helpful at solving problems that arise except for the security commander. Her behavior impeaches her command.

She owes Mr. Goines an apology. She owes the students - especially the film students an apology for she has damaged their ability to practice her art. Her behavior must be supervised and scrutinized. If an independent investigation proves the veracity of my claims, I urge the Dean to consider the removal of the current commander in favor of a more able in house candidate.


Dan Lacey said...

I have a comment for you. You are a dingbat -

-for leaving this comment on my blog in response to a Faithmouse cartoon I drew in 2007.

The cartoon states that, in suffering, you can make a statement which is as effective as any spoken homily. The tagline at the bottom of the cartoon 'Ft. Tim Vakoc, first U.S. Army Chaplain injured in Iraq, continues to recover' emphasizes that point. There is nothing mocking or derogatory about it. If you had taken a moment to look at the cartoons from that period of time and before you would have (should have) come to that conclusion.

What you probably did is skipped to the now, to my most recent work, and made a snap judgement that the cartoon at the time must not have been sincere. It was a long process aided by the ignorance of nitwits such as yourself which contributed to my losing my faith.

James A. Bretney said...

Major Vakoc succumbed to his wounds a number of years ago. may the peace of Christ be with you always.