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Sex Discrimination at the Art Institute of California in Los Angeles

ri, March 4, 2011 6:51:03 AM
RE: Complaint against another student
"Schreiber, David"
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"Airborne Productions, Inc."


I will ask Dave Garrison to mediate. Since it occurred in the classroom and was between you and another student, it’s under the purview of the instructor, Dave Garrison. I will speak to Dave about the issue.


David P. Schreiber
Director - Digital Filmmaking & Video Production
The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles
Ph: 1.310.314.6113

From: Airborne Productions, Inc. []
Sent: Friday, March 04, 2011 1:40 AM
To: Kohn, Dawn
Cc: Schreiber, David; Pompey, Aaron
Subject: Re: Complaint against another student


I talked to Mr. Garrison. I asked to be excused from the classroom for the remainder of the class. He granted my request and apologized that he should have said something and didn't. I accepted his apology and I am satisfied with his apology.

I would like to see some resolution from this student. Thank you!

James A. Bretney | President | Airborne Productions, Inc | 1421 West Venice Suite 7 | Venice, CA 90291 | 520 255 4137

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From: "Kohn, Dawn"
To: "Airborne Productions, Inc."
Cc: "Schreiber, David" ; "Pompey, Aaron"
Sent: Thu, March 3, 2011 2:35:58 PM
Subject: RE: Complaint against another student
Hello James,

Thanks for your incident report. David Schreiber, your department chair, has been notified of the issue that happened, during class that faculty witnessed, and will follow up with you.


Dawn Kohn
Director of Student Development
The Art Institute of California - Los Angeles

From: Airborne Productions, Inc. []
Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2011 10:00 AM
To: Kohn, Dawn
Cc: Schreiber, David
Subject: Complaint against another student


The purpose of this email is complain about the verbal abuse I recieved in classroom by another DVPFM student a "Wendy" in David Garrison's TV studio classroom. Wendy called me an "asshole" in front of my fellow students and the teacher and David Garrison tolerated it.

The incident particulars are as follows:

* * *

David Garrison instructed us to set up the flats for the next assignment. In setting up the flats I had trouble setting up the flats as I was handling the flat all by myself. Wendy in a mocking tone of voice said, you have to tilt the flat upward to move it."

To which I replied, "I could use some help."

She responded, "Can't you see my arm."

I looked at her arm and I said, "I didn't see your broken arm."

"That's because you are an asshole."

The whole class heard it and I looked right at Dave Garrison who heard it as well and he said and did nothing.

* * *

This is not the first incident I have had with this Wendy. We had a similar run in in Yves Martin's Acting for Director's class where she was laughing and texting during my performance and Yves Martin had to tell her to stop.

In section five of the student handbook paragraph 1 of the student handbook (page 143) states the following:

"The Art Institute is committed to the health and welfare of their students, faculaty, staff and guests."

On page 147, Section V. Disciplinary Offenses subparagraph 4, line b, fighting or physical altercation. Wendy's language and provactive behavior meet the legal definition of fighting words.

Line d states "Any conduct that threatens the health or safety of another individual one's own self or another individual."

"Section 6. Disrputive or Disordely conduct" defines "disruptive behavior" as "interference with the normal operations of the college (i.e. disruption of teaching)." Line a further narrows the definition as "engaging in behavior that substantially or repeatedly interrupts . . . student learning."

Line b, sub-line ii. defines "Disorderly Conduct" as a breach of peace on college property" and subline iii states any in-school act considered inappropriate or adversely affects the interests of the Art Institute and/or its reputation."

Paragraph 8 Verbal Assualt, Defamtion and Harassment sub-line a is verbal abuse of a student.

Now I have had difficulty attending that class because of her hostile behavior. I don't feel safe nor do I feel that I am learning in environment that respects me.

I ask that you acknowledge my complaint within 24 hours. This is a serious matter. I would like to go to class where I do not feel sexually harrassed, hostile or disrespected. It concerns me that David Garrison's silence may have condoned this behavior, which I don't think he does. I just think he was so shocked that he did not know what to do, that said Yves Martin knew what to do. Thank you.


James A. Bretney | President | Airborne Productions, Inc | 1421 West Venice Suite 7 | Venice, CA 90291 | 520 255 4137

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