Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blackmouth Productions Casting and Crewing Up for a Webisode

Executive Producer Aurelio Bocanegra is an veteran who served in the US Air Force and a successful working LA comic,

Executive Producer James A. Bretney is an Iraq War veteran who produced Black Magic Barbie, Grace Period, A Paradise of Bachelors Murder and Universal Empire.

Intervention is a parody of a suburban family confronting their 20 something son "David" about his binge drinking slacker lifestyle

All Roles pay copy, credit and meals.  Prospective actors should arrive in costume and must be prepared to interview as the character and improvise.  

Casting for
Dad - over 45 to 75 years old, all races, wardrobe: casual clothes of an upper income politically correct, socially liberal patriarch.  Sides are as follows:

My son has a problem. He's always drinking. Even in the house. He's constantly drunk falling everywhere.

Mom - over 45 to 75 years old, all races, and wardrobe of casual clothes of an upper income politically correct, socially liberal matriarch.  Sides are as follows:

I love him. But he can't stop. My son does drink and drive. I try and take the keys from him but he still drives. 

Lil Brother - 9 to 15 years old, all races and wardrobe of a normal but wimpy kid.  Sides are as follows:

I just want to be able to play games with him. I've tried playing Xbox.  I've tried playing football with him 

Girl - 16 years old to 29 years old, all races and wardrobe of a good well put together attractive girl.

It affects our intimate times. He's great to cuddle with cause he's like a log but that's it... Sure I want more 

Girl begins crying softly.
Cut to

In bed with David passed out, the girl is shaking David.

Friend - enabler 

I dont see a problem. Yeah we drink. As a matter of fact we partied last night. It was dope. 

Crew Positions Open

1st Assistant Cameraman
2nd Assistant Cameraman
Data Integration Technician
On-set Editor
Camera Intern
Camera Intern
On Set Photographer

First Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director
Script Supervisor
Transportation Coordinator

Best Boy Electric

Sound Mixer
Boom Operator
Cable Wrangler

Location Manager

Production Designer
Art Director
Set Dresser
Property Master
Make Up Department Head
Hair/Make Up

If interested send your head shot and resume to me at lovedinothonormore@yahoo.com

Universal Empire fb page

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