Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Complained to Santa Monica City Council

Today I complained to the City Council about their Santa Monica Police Department. This is my second complaint. I have included my first complaint to the City Council.

I predict that nothing will happen because the City Council has a vested interest in closing ranks to protect and serve those charged to protect and serve.

Envoyé le : Mardi 2 Août 2011 12h39
Objet : Re : Police Complaint

Your police department looked like the keystone cops yesterday:


Thank you for insulting me, harassing me and slandering me on a rumor. I fought for my country against terrorists, my friends are dying in Afghanistan to defend my country against terrorists and I am accused of being a terrorist in my own country?

Your police officers looked like a bunch of stooges for a corporation and ready and willing to violate the rights of a law abiding citizen to make the story fit. Good job Santa Monica!

James A. Bretney
President, Airborne Productions, Inc | 1421 West Venice Boulevard Suite 7 | Venice, CA 90405 |
520 255 4137

De : James Bretney
À : bobby.shriver@smgov.net
Envoyé le : Mardi 27 Avril 2010 13h46
Objet : Police Complaint

I am writing to protest the harassment by your police services against the legitimate businesses. On 31st and Ocean Park, 2 mobile restaurants of which "Chef on Wheels" provide for the needs left unmet by the current fixed store restaurants. Chef on Wheels provides good food at cheap prices unlike the store front restaurants. I don't want to pay $ 15 for a meal where Chef on Wheels can provide me the same satisfaction for $ 5 or less. A week ago, your parking and police forces began harassing these businesses. They even assessed a $ 5,000 against one business just for disputing the parking ticket by your staff - who are routinely obnoxious. Also a food inspector closed down Chef On Wheels just because its refrigerator was 3 degrees off. All of this happened within the course of a week when Chef On Wheels has been serving the community for months.

Your police services lack discretion and it appears that its enforcement of the law is arbitrary and more concerned about raising revenue rather than keeping the peace. Santa Monica has real problems with crime, gangs and drugs. Your decision to harass legitimate law abiding citizens and businesses does not reflect well on you or your government. Remember you serve the people of this community not the other way around.

James A. Bretney
2900 31st Avenue
Santa Monica CA 90405

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