Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Customer Service at Avis LAX - Tahla

On August 4, 2011 at 6:30 pm, my company tasked me with the safe transportation of 27 people 391 miles from Los Angeles and back. I had to complete the transaction in less than 2 hours.

After war-gaming several options including one way travel, compacts versus SUV, and reviewing many of the travel websites: priceline, expedia, avis, hertz, hotwire, Avis offered the best rates. However I am a corporate customer. I needed to rent several vehicles and none of the sites including your site could accommodate a large request. Further being that I intended to rent multiple vehicles I wanted to leverage a discount.

At 7:30 pm, I called your corporate contact and local contact numbers and went thru phone back hell. When I finally did contact you, your representative said that the systems was done for one hour. When one of your representatives called back, it was 10:30 pm. I had missed my deadline and the prices went up. David offered me rate that was somewhat higher than I had previously seen but was lower the rates currently online.

Further David informs me that had I made my reservations for any other location other than the airport, I would avoid a $ 10 per vehicle tax assessed at the airport. The total cost of these airport taxes accounts for $ 150 in addition the rental cost. Not your fault, but I am not happy person because of it.

I explained to him how frustrated I was that I could not solidify the deal over the phone or in person. I reiterated that the online interface did not help me. He acknowledged my complaint but did not apologize or try to rectify my dissatisfaction. Instead of picking up the vehicles at 10pm as planned. I had to pick up the vehicles after midnight. When my boss and the drivers arrive, the attendant convinces my boss to upgrade to reduce the number of vehicles rented even though per vehicle it is more expensive. He, Tahla, says it will save on gas - though he does not mention the mpg or show quantitively who that might be.

He also assesses a $ 200 hold on my debit card per vehicle. He questions my credit worthiness when I cannot produce a credit card. He ignores my reminders that when my boss and I rented a car last week, the attendant Mario did not assess a $ 200 hold on my debit card per vehicle. He then uses a lewd hand gesture to punctuate his points. This lewd hand gesture is particular to the Middle East. He got very brusk with me when I mirrored his use of the lewd Middle Eastern hand gesture. I could tell by the look in his eyes, the tone of his voice and body language, he wanted to do me some harm. I tell him to get his manager. It is 1:30 am.

I remove myself from the situation and my boss speaks directly to his boss. His boss does not acknowledge any wrong doing nor does he help us. Instead he repeats his demand that we provide a credit card which is a lot harder to get now a days. We do business with cash and ATM cards, are we less important because we don't have a credit card? Further, we secured the first reservation online and your webpages made no mention of a $ 200 hold.

The only way we are able to complete our transaction after one of my co-workers puts his debit card on the line.

It is 2 am. No apology either by the way. We have a seven to nine hour vehicular movement and we are 4 hours behind schedule. You know there is a saying that the customer is always right. I acknowledge that customer maybe always right but he is not always nice. That said, you have cost me a lot of time and it should not be this hard to do business and further I should not have to feel the threat of violence to just get a yes or no answer to a business deal.

I want someone to call me to discuss this incident. I can be reached at 520 255 4137. I also have video and audio recordings of this incident I can make available.

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