Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Dawn Kohn continues to slander me though I am no longer a student

I received this email from a friend. Apparently Dawn Kohn emailed this email to the 2,500 AI student body. I sometimes wonder why I fought for this country and why so many of my friends are dying because of people like her.

Dear Students,

Here at The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles, we are taking extra precautions based on information about a former student who has allegedly threatened the school. We take these types of situations very seriously. We are in contact with Santa Monica Police Department and we are being vigilant. While we perceive no immediate threat to the campus, we have put into place extra security measures. We want to remind everyone that any time you witness suspicious activity on or near the campus, there are a number of safety measures we want you to bear in mind.

1) Wear your identification badge at all times and be prepared to furnish this identification to campus staff or security upon request.

2) Please report to security (310-314-6121) or campus staff any suspicious or unusual activities

3) Do not engage or otherwise agitate suspicious individuals.

Again, because we are committed to the health and safety of our campus community, we appreciate each student’s contributions and cooperation toward maintaining a comfortable and secure learning environment. Please do not hesitate to direct any questions or concerns to me or to Dawn Kohn ( or 310-314-6075).

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Anonymous said...

That was a relieving email to receive from the school while I was still a student there. I'm glad that they took the necessary actions.

If you think otherwise, pray about it, assuming that you ARE a true follower of the Catholic Church.

Have a blessed day!