Friday, August 05, 2011

Domestic Terror Warning Backfires. Humiliated Dean of Students loses credibility

Most people at Ai are wonderful people - the students, the faculty and administrators are my friends who have improved my life. I learned many things about myself, learned valuable skills that have furthered my career. My mentors include but are not limited to:

Yves Martin
David Lewis
Mark Moore
Andy House
David Schrieber
Nick Marks
Jim Redden

There are people that have helped me and have been great friends like:

Dave Anter
Patrisa Graham
Tanya Essien
Karen Soliday

We have a couple of really out of control people and a few gutless enablers. The lientery includes:

Steve Gerbson - a competent cacafuego
Dawn Kohn - a pre-butch polite totalitarian who suffers from moral amentia
Aaron Pompey - a dithering microphallus who decides matters of great consequence based on pragmatics instead of on the basis of right and wrong

My sources inside Ai say that the rank and file are treating the domestic terror threat posed by this former veteran as a joke much to the embarrassment of excreta like Assistant Dean Dawn Kohn and Dean Aaron Pompey.

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Anonymous said...

Your use of extravagant words to describe Gerbson, Kohn, and Pompey are quite hilarious, but immature and incompetent.

If you're truly Catholic, pray a decade of the Rosary and ask Mother Mary to guide you on how you speak about people who are just trying to do their job to ensure the safety of a school.

Have a blessed day!