Friday, November 25, 2011

Red Bull Offends Catholics

RBNA Headquarters
1740 Stewart St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404 USA
Phone (001) 310 393-4647
Fax (001) 310 230-2361

Dear Sirs,

I was watching a video on youtube by which I had to watch your ad to get to the video I wanted to watch.  The ad in question was entitled Confession.

The hero in the ad went to confession to confess he is a fornicator, by which  the Priest asked his name and who did he sin with.  He then lists all the loose women in the town to imply with ambiguity that perhaps he as fornicated with these women as well.  The hero walks way saying "I got two more leads."

This is offensive to Catholics in the following ways:

1) the hero makes no sincere attempt to repent from the sin and avoid near occasions of sin.  The whole point of going to confession is free oneself from the slavery of sin and to re-unite with God by which we enjoy perfect freedom.  What is the point of going to confession we enjoy the sin and  don't see it as harmful?

2) the hero doesn't value confession or Catholicism.  He enjoys fornication.  Fornication is a serious sin.  It devalues both man and woman.  The knowledge of fornication devalues others who do not participate in it.  It  separates us from God as God calls us to live in chastity as single persons and in monogamy in marriage.  That is what we believe.  If you do not want us as customers, do not mock our beliefs.

3) the commercial mocks the authority of the Church.  The Priest is the authority.  You dress him the traditional pre-Vatican 2 Cossack and his dialogue is about an irrelevant inquiry about the identity of the loose woman in question.  Now sirs, I have been going to confession all my life.  I am 38.  I made my first confession when I was 8.  At no time, did my priest ask me the identities of those with whom I was offending God with.  Why is this Priest asking the identity of this loose woman?  Also the hero does not tell the Priest the identity of the woman so in not doing as the Priest asked, he flouts the authority of the Priest.

Look, if you don't want Catholics to drink Red Bull, no harm no foul.  I will go my way and you go yours.  But I got to tell you, I won't be patronizing your product and I will encourage others to try other products.  I do not and I encourage others not to drink Pepsi because they use aborted fetus in their taste testing, I could easily put your product next to Pepsi on my do not buy list.  Just as Pepsi has Coke, you have Monster and Five Hour Energy Drink.  I have drank Red Bull in the past and will continue to do so but not in light of your decision to air this ad.  I encourage its repeal.  Thank you.

James A. Bretney
Venice, CA

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