Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Art Institute's Policy of Harassment: Against Pompey

I, JAMES ANTHONT BRETNEY, declare as follows:

1.              I am a man over the age of 18.  I was a customer of the Art Institute of California-Los Angeles, Inc.  (“Art Institute”).  Unless otherwise indicated, I state the following to be true.

2.              I respectfully request the court restrain Aaron Pompey, an employee of the Art Institute.  He committed a series of acts that has alarmed me and caused me to believe that I am under a threat of serious bodily injury from her.  I fear that He will inflict injury on me at my work place and home, 1421 West Venice Boulevard # 7, Venice, California 90291.

3.              I am pursuing legal defense of my reputation and legal recovery of damages inflicted against me by the Art Institute.

4.              I was a customer the Art Institute from August of 2009 to May of 2011. I heard many complaints by fellow students about his behavior as the ‘Dean of Students.’  These complaints include him to being rude to students, heartless, dishonest, falsifying and knowingly distorting and excluding material facts on official reports.

5.              Aaron Pompey supervises Dawn Kohn, mentally imbalanced. Woman who frequently ignores student complaints about the Art Institute.  Instead he twisted these complaints in official documents.

6.              One such complaint dated January 25, 2011 concerned an Art Institute employee who arbitrarily denied service where it was his job to do so.  Instead, Ms. Kohn held a conduct hearing against me.  Mr. Pompey supervised this ‘hearing’ and approved it.

7.              On February 4, 2011, the Department Chairman had a misunderstanding with me that got heated.  We later apologized and resolved the matter between ourselves.  Ms. Kohn insinuated herself in the disagreement and trumped up another conduct hearing against me. Mr. Pompey supervised this ‘hearing’ and approved it.

8.              On April 27, 2011, an instructor invaded a studio I reserved to do my lighting homework work using moving camera and performers.  This instructor tried to provoke a fight with me.  I spoken with the instructor’s boss and he apologized for the instructor. Ms. Kohn insinuated herself again where I attended yet another one of her conduct hearings.  He was rude, aggressive and non-compliant.  He interrupted me when I was speaking.  He tried to get me to answer her questions with answers He wanted me to say.  I found the incident absurd, ended the meeting and demanded to speak with her supervisor, Aaron Pompey. Aaron Pompey said he would speak to me after I made an appointment.  Later, he refused to meet with me.

9.              He asked that I no longer attend the Art Institute for a year.  I agreed. I posted on my blog www.theundiscoveredcountry.blogspot.com my complaints of harassment and Veteran’s discrimination by the Art Institute. On June 14, 2011, I terminated my business relationship with the Art Institute. I wanted to get on with the rest of my life.

10.          On or about July 24, 2011, I received harassing comments and death threats on my online social media from the accounts “LuckOfTheDraw” and “ACTORWRITER.”  These comments came after I posted a video criticizing those who are unsympathetic and insensitive to Veterans.  The video I posted on youtube did not name the Art Institute or any of its employees. 

11.          On Monday, August 1, 2011, I received a phone call from a man claiming to be Detective Eddie Soto from the Santa Monica Police Department.  This caller did not have any credentials verifying that he was a police officer.  This caller asked me to incriminate myself in an act of domestic terrorism.   I spoke to this “caller” for ten minutes.  I protested his lack of discretion, his attempt to usurp my Constitutional rights, and the fact that he was responding to a call with nothing to go on except hearsay evidence.  I really questioned whether or not this caller was a policeman, as he hung up me.  I can only speculate that this caller was unsatisfied with my answers.

12.          On August 24, 2011, Dawn Kohn received a restraining order from the court alleging harassment. Aaron Pompey attached himself to this restraining order.  I had no opportunity to defend myself from this claim.

13.          In a declaration to the court, his subordinate Dawn Kohn alleged that she received independent, anonymous phone calls from a ‘gentleman’ named ‘Andrew.’  We later identified this Andrew as Andrew McLaren – a disgruntled employee I discharged July 12, 2010.

14.          Andrew McLaren makes a living as a mercenary.  One job he took, he made sure a shipment of guns arrived to Iran.  He is a various dangerous man with run-ins with the law.  He sent me 22 unsolicited text messages calling me a gutless bastard, backstabber, user, fake friend and that my mother and father are bad parents.  He said in his text messages that he is ‘too classy’ to deal with me directly that he has his agents John Spears (LuckOfTheDraw) and Emal Sekandari (ACTORWRITER) harass me and threaten my life online.  He has had his Press Agent Amanda Mitchell, his lawyer and his manager Aaron Morris contact me on his behalf even though he knows I have no desire to talk with him.

15.          According to Dawn Kohn’s declaration that Mr. Pompey consented to, Andrew McLaren said that I am an Iraq War Veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.  I stopped taking my “anti-psychotic medication.”  I purchased a handgun in Arizona with the intent to “pull a Jared Loughner at AI.”  These statements are false.  Ms. Kohn and Mr. Pompey knew them to be false and declared them with an intent to mislead.

16.          Mr. Pompey knew I was an Iraq War Veteran and that I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because I volunteered that information in my complaints to her at the Art Institute in my discrimination complaints and requests for accommodation afforded to me by the law.

17.          Mr. Pompey characterized commonly prescribed anti-depressant medication as anti-psychotic and that Andrew McLaren recently made her aware of this.  This too is a false statement with an intent to deceive as I volunteered to her conference regarding my in my discrimination complaints and requests for accommodation afforded to me by the law.  Further, I mentioned to him I stopped taking those medications 5 years ago in 2006.

18.          Mr. Pompey mentioned that I had recently purchase a handgun in Arizona.  An investigation conducted by Art Institute’s very own lawyers, Snell & Wilmer, interviewed friends and associates of mine at the Art Institute showed that I sold my handgun in March. 

19.          The investigation conducted by the Art Institute’s own law firm, Snell & Wilmer, failed to uncover any lone wolf school shooting plots against the Art Institute perpetrated by me.   Snell & Wilmer interviewed my roommate over the course of an hour and could find no evidence of any crime.

20.          Not did Pompey withhold exculpatory evidence at this restraining order trial, He embellished perjured testimony on her August 24, 2011 court appearance.

21.          Since that time, Pompey still makes public statements about me that are false. He sends over 2,000 emails.  He sends messages to me via messenger accusing me of making bomb threats or calls to the police department where 3 cars of police stormed with guns drawn the Art Institute looking for me even though I have not come within 100 feet of the Art Institute since May of 2011.  The Art Institute at the director of Ms. Kohn and her supervisor Mr. Pompey have posted plain clothes security details beyond the 100 yard distance of the Art Institute prescribed by law.  He and Andrew McLaren still send harassing comments on my social media wishing I was dead or that I am a disgrace to all veterans and that my parents are ashamed of me.

22.          I have tried my best to move on with my life and ignore this.  But the harassment that Pompey-Kohn-McLaren have colluded has affected my sleep, my work and my reputation.  My family has suffered adversely which has caused me to feel greater pain.  I am respectfully request the court restrain this man and his agents from harassing me.  Thank you

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

James Antony Bretney


Anonymous said...

You're unbelievable. There is no one to blame in this case except for yourself.

I was a student at the Art Institute during the same time that you attended. I witnessed several of your incidents and even filed reports during some of them. Your actions and attitude were completely immature and extremely disrespectful for someone of your age, and I'm glad that the school took the actions that it did to ensure that you wouldn't continue to insult, bash, or threaten other students the way that you did while you were a student.

Your cases against Kohn, Soloff, and Pompey are completely invalid and are only backed up by your desire to make them the enemy, when they were simply just doing their jobs to ensure the safety of the students, staff, and faculty.

I hope that you never return, because you certainly will not be welcomed by any department, faculty, or student who knows your history. And trust me, a hell of a lot of people know and would agree with me.

If you are TRULY a follower of Christ and believe in the Catholic Church, then take this message as a sign to examine your conscience, pray, and repent. Do not attempt to start bashing or insulting me. You do not even know who I am and you never will. Try to be the bigger man and turn towards God for guidance. You are going to need it.

Have a blessed day!

Anonymous said...

This is false, Anonymous, I too am a United States veteran, and I have been blacklisted from the campus for PTSD disorder by Aaron Pompey.

I can relate to Anthony. I've witnessed many students before me storm out of Pompey's office. I was their top film student. I passed the boards unanimously, and always exceeded my instructors expectations.

There are good, and bad instructors at this facility, however I have witnessed that the student dean Aaron Pompey along with other facility staff abuse their positions, and bully students. If there is a personal conflict between student, and teacher.

The student is reprimanded like a child regardless of age, and qualifications. The instructor is always sided with, even in obvious circumstances when the teacher had been in the wrong.

The administration, upper management officials, and Aaron Pompey behave unprofessionally, and mistreat the students in attendance here. You would experience this yourself, anonymous, if you'd ever had the pleasure of being called into Pompey's office.

This is why I'm no longer a student here, and they've filtered so many great potential artists. They are unpatriotic, and mistreat veterans. Thats why I now attend LA Film School.

PSTD is a serious ailment. Of course men, and women trained for combat, who have gone over seas experience PSTD. A part of PTSD in military veterans is aggressive behavior.

This is a school that is suppose to accommodate veterans, and persons with disabilities who have special needs. Shunning veterans with PSTD is not the case, its discrimination.

Ben Hinman said...

I was suspended by aaron pompey for hearsay that i supposedly said that was anonymously gossiped about me behind my back by an unknown source and nearly expelled, before i walked away voluntarily to finish my degree up at the hollywood campus (who screwed up on filing my student loans in time and left me with the tab). Someone said that i claimed "all women deserve to be raped" or something, which is a flat out lie. i lost about 12,000 as well for the classes i was taking at the time which i couldn't attend. they wouldn't even let me show up to the school to contest it, and when they finally did, a security guard had to escort me everywhere on campus, treating me like a criminal. it was demoralizing. and i was just doomed to fail those classes because some anonymous liar made me sound like a misogynist. which wouldn't have even been against the rules in the student handbook if i had, but all i really did is ask a girl if she's ever actually had to use the pepper spray she keeps in her bag or if its just an unfounded fear of men. i shared my own experience about getting mugged and suggested that self defense classes were a better solution than passing legislation that forces men to step in on your behalf rather than punishing men for crimes they haven't committed that are already illegal. aaron said that my opinion was "disrupting class" and then proceeded to disrupt my ability to even show up to any of my classes. no refund, no ability to contest the suspension, and i didn't even get the full story of what i supposedly did. i left willingly and spent the last year of my degree commuting 2 hours both ways out to north hollywood and back. because that was more dignified than putting up with their kangaroo court.

I'm definitely down to take legal action against aaron if you guys want, he's a smug asshole. Not surprised i'm not the only one who's had a problem with him.