Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Art Institute's Policy of Harassment: Against Soloff

Against Laura Soloff
Case Number # SS021499

Laura Soloff is a known associate of Andrew McLaren, an armed and dangerous gunrunner who wishes me dead.  She herself made a death threat against me by proxy.  She knowingly propagates public information to me that is false and communicates to me by messenger.  I ask the court to restrain her from making public statements about me that are false and stop having her agents and employees from harassing and annoying me online. 

Laura Soloff is the President of the Art Institute of California, a business I patronized for 2 years.

In May of 2011, we terminated our business relationship to which I publicized my dissatisfaction with the business practices she employs Veteran, gender, age and disability discrimination, slander and general abuse.

In August of 2011, Laura Soloff made common cause with Andrew McLaren, a violent mercenary and ex-Iraq War veteran.  McLaren fabricated a plot to commit an act of domestic terrorism.   Santa Monica police detective Eddie Soto filed an incident report 11-80366 and concluded there was no crime. 

At first I laughed at these accusations as preposterous and did my best to move on with my life.

Soloff sent emails to a distribution list of over 2,000 recipients accusing me of being a terrorist and conspirator to commit murder.  I get messages from her messengers stating that 3 police cars with sirens blaring and pistols drawn storming the Art Institute in search of me trying to kill me or hurt me even though I have committed no crime.

She employed a law firm, Snell and Wilmer LLP of 600 Anton Boulevard Suite 1400, Costa Mesa California 92663 to conduct an investigation against me by interviewing several of my friends and associates.  Everyone interviewed verified Detective Eddie Soto’s conclusion that there was no crime. 

Yet Soloff had her lawyers knowingly withhold that evidence in seeking a protective order against me.  On August 24, 2011, Judge Coral Boas Goodson issued a protective order against me as I was stuck in traffic on the date of the hearing.  This protective order defrauds me from completing my education with the Art Institute, as I was two quarters away from graduating.  It defrauds me from using their career center.  It defrauds me from sitting in classes I previously attended.  It impedes any attempt to further my mentor relationships with staff and instructors friendly to me.   One of my instructors, a current production executive at Sony Pictures sincerely favored me.   Soloff and McLaren’s fraudulent protective order was meant to destroy that relationship.

It impedes collaboration I make with friends I made among the current student body of the Art Institute of California.   This was by design and not to mitigate any security threat.

Soloff encourages Andrew McLaren and his political operatives: John Sears, Emal Sekandari, Aaron Morris and others to annoy, harass and make online death threats against me. 

On September 18, 2011, Soloff-McLaren commented on one of my YouTube videos “Chazz Bono ranting.”  This comment made by agents of Soloff and McLaren communicates their intent to harass, annoy and intimidate me.  This comment made by agents of Soloff and McLaren violate the temporary restraining order issued by Judge Cowan ordered on September 13, 2011. 

In the national news, Santa Monica Police stormed the campus of Santa Monica College due to a credible bomb threat.  In addition, Soloff employs an armed security detail.  This plain-clothes detail patrols a perimeter beyond the property of the Art Institute.  Her messengers told me that the Art Institute has received an increased number of death and bomb threats.  Soloff reports these death threats and bomb threats to the police and the general public.  Soloff attributes them to me though I have nothing to do with them.

Prior to this affair, I considered Laura Soloff a friend. I saw the dissolution of our business relationship a misunderstanding due to the irresponsibility of two rogue employees. 

Her decision to make common cause with Andrew McLaren and his associates forced me to reconsider this posture of friendship.  Andrew McLaren and his men committed themselves to a campaign of intimidation, harassment, wishing to do harm against me, and wishing my death.  Soloff acquiesces to this evil design and stands most to profit from it.  Goldman Sachs, a company held in ill repute by the general public owns the Art Institutes.  There is a class action lawsuit against the Art Institutes filed by former students.  Also Department of Justice is probing the Art Institutes for allegations of financial aid fraud.  My death would silence my accusations of discrimination, slander and general abuse against her and her company.

On September 19, 2011, I met with Detective Eddie Soto’s supervisor, as Detective Soto was unavailable.  I related to Detective Eddie Soto’s supervisor that I would cooperate with Detective Soto’s investigation, that I am not now nor have I in the past desire for violence against the Art Institute of California or any of its current, past or future students, employees or associates.  I also communicated my fear that Soloff and McLaren are conspiring to re-create a death by cop situation.

Soloff and McLaren’s campaign of harassment and intimidation cause me and my family to loose sleep and inflict emotional and personal distress.

If anything bespeaking of foul play or untoward should happen to me, let it not be said that I failed to inform the authorities.  I ask the court to issue a restraining order against Laura Soloff.   


Anonymous said...

Agreed, and very well spoken Sir.

Anonymous said...

You're full of shit Bretney. This is not what happened during the Art Institute incident. You were expelled for your indecent and outright immature actions and attitude towards respectable authority and students. Don't you dare try and accuse the school of taking the necessary actions against someone who disrupts peace in the classroom or engages other students through insults and actions, which was you in this case.

I'm glad that the school took the actions it did. I witnessed several of your incidents and even filed reports during some of them. Your actions and attitude were completely immature and extremely disrespectful for someone of your age, and I'm glad that the school took the actions that it did to ensure that you wouldn't continue to insult, bash, or threaten other students the way that you did while you were a student. I hope that you never return, because you certainly will not be welcomed by any department, faculty, or student who knows your history. And trust me, a hell of a lot of people know and would agree with me.

If you are TRULY a follower of Christ and believe in the Catholic Church, then take this message as a sign to examine your conscience, pray, and repent. Do not attempt to start bashing or insulting me. You do not even know who I am and you never will. Try to be the bigger man and turn towards God for guidance. You are going to need it.

Have a blessed day!