Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In Praise of LAPD Officer Sergeant Sanders

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Sergeant Mathes,

True to my word, a word must be said in praise of this policeman's conduct.  Approximately October 17, 2010, Sergeant Sanders responded to a police call of a domestic disturbance reported by the San Fernando DCFS.  Myself and my former partner Andrew McLaren took video cameras inside the DCFS in order to document the protest and to procure the release of Mr. McLaren's children.  I captured the incident on this video:

Sergeant Sanders responded to the call.  He spoke to DCFS and he spoke to us.  He diffused the situation by demonstrating his poise and judgment.  His character, the way he spoke to us and his control of the situation are in keeping with the highest traditions of law enforcement and the Los Angeles Police Department.

We live in tenuous times.  Instability, corruption and distrust haunt our body politic like a plague.  Yet with men like Sergeant Sanders, we can rest easy that all will be well.  Please consider him for promotion and duties of increasing responsibilities.    Thank you.
James A. Bretney
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