Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Endorsements for California Assembly District 66: ANYONE BUT BLOOM

Vote for anyone BUT THE COMMUNIST RICHARD BLOOM, current Mayor of Santa Monica.

Richard Bloom is never at his office.  He never returns phone calls or emails and is completely unaccountable to the electorate.  He has never held a real job, what makes you think he will do a good job at creating jobs in Sacramento?  You know Sacramento, the same place that has been killing California jobs for 4 decades.  Richard Bloom, a man who takes more Jewish holidays than any calendar in the Abrahamic tradition.  Richard Bloom, a man who hides behind his secretary Sonia Ramos who is forced to lie on his behalf.
On Richard Bloom's payroll is City Attorney Terry White.  20 years ago, Terry White couldn't convict the LAPD officers who beat up Rodney King.
Santa Monica Mayor Richard Bloom, a man who has never had a real job,  

Richard Bloom hired White to prosecute misdemeanors for offense that include blocking an entrance, camping and public urination (Santa Monica is famous for its lack of public bathrooms.)  Terry White, Richard Bloom's stooge, throws the book at law abiding citizens taking a no mercy, no quarter stance that would make Inspector Javert blush.  White is ruining the lives of hundred of law abiding citizens every year, criminalizing them so he can avenge the loss that defined his career.

pre-Erkel Terry White circa 1991 arguing the case that would define and damn his career.

Whether you vote for Stammerich, Huey, Mintz or even Betsy, don't vote for the neo-com Bloom.  The man is a job killing weasel, who understands economics and small business as much as dolphin understands auto mechanics.

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