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Andrew McLaren in his own words


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I just care that you are not being bullied or discriminated against for being yourself. Join my fight for justice for all, lets get New York back to work, let's fight for the middle class and working poor, lets fight for the environment, healthcare, equal rights, fair representation, against corruption and lets fight to make sure that we never forget about the men and women who served in uniform once they return home. Lets get police officers better training so they wont panic and shoot unarmed citizens and lets fire their leaders for covering up bad shoots. I am Andrew McLaren and I'm reporting for duty. My heroes are Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King and I hope to honor them by carrying their legacy on, thank you and God bless America home of the free and the brave". (By Progressive Patriots for America)

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Andrew McLaren is an award winning actor and humanitarian who has been politically active in Los Angeles California and Westchester county in New York State. His most notible achievement was writing environmental legislation for United States Congress pertaining to providing clean drinking water to all citizens living in public housing where pipes were rusty and polluted thus reducing bottle water consumption and allowing residents to safely consume tap water. Andrew has fought for jobs for Veterans, adequate mental health care for Veterans and for P.T.S awareness, stating it is not a disorder but something society needs to understand. "Post Traumatic Stress can happen to rape victims, robbery victims, cops, firefighters, not just soldiers returing from war, it does not mean that we are going to shoot up the post office it means that we are dealing with something traumatic that happened in our life and everyone handles it differently and usually turns their trauma into something constructive if dealt with properly". Andrew is a national spokesperson for which is an organization founded by "Rainbow" Scott Hall trying to end violence against LGBT citizens and build a memorial to honor all of the victims of these hate crimes. "Almost all animals such as dolphins and primates have gay sex we are the only species that makes a big deal out of it and I never saw the Navy kicking mine detecting dolphins out of the service". Andrew has two biological sons Andrew Jr and Alexander and two stepdaughters ChiChi and Chilaili. Andrew is a Democrat and is supporting President Barack Obama for reelection. "Democrats protest war and the Republicans protest healthcare". "I am very happy that the President has time and time again stood up on the right side of history whether it be women's health issues, stem cell research, racial profiling, Veterans healthcare and employment. I know that he is a good man with strong family values and moral conviction, he loves America and I love him. I used to live in Kailua Hawaii where he vacations. I'd have a beer with him in the rose garden anyday and I would love to talk to him about legalizing gay marriage federally it would help reduce the deficit it's a win win". Andrew McLaren plans on running for N.Y State Assembly.
"I want to unite New York the same way my Marine unit joined together in Iraq, we had little in common except we were Americans, I didn't believe in the war the same way my Father didn't believe in the war in Vietnam but we still went, marines and soldiers served alongside eachother to keep our battle buddies safe, we didn't care about politics we just did what the President and commisioned officers ordered us to do. Now that I am out of uniform I will say that I don't believe the war was justified. I think George Bush made a huge strategical blunder of epidemic proportions that along with the housing crisis destroyed our economy and has left tens of thousands of Americans dead, limbless, burned and with Post Traumatic Stress only to come home to towns out of business, unfair stereotyping, foreclosure and unemployment. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians are dead. I am done taking orders from President Bush and commissioned officers, I only listen to the people of my community asking me to help them, and my moral conscious. I believe in God but I also believe that if you don't that is your right and I have no problem with what you believe. I don't care if you are an atheist, muslim or jew or gay or straight

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just insane."

Today, NBC announces the operatives who worked with the celebrities. They are:

•Dale Comstock, who served with the United States Army's 3rd Special Forces Group (Green Beret) and the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment -- Delta (Delta Force).
•J.W. Cortes, a former United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom; currently a New York MTA Police Department officer.
•Brent Gleeson, former United States Navy SEAL stationed at SEAL Team Five.
•Chris Kyle (nickname "The Devil of Ramadi"), former U.S. Navy SEAL and author of "American Sniper."
•Andrew McLaren, a former U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant, who served in Iraq and Liberia.

•Grady Powell, a former U.S. Amy Green Beret.

•Tom Stroup, a SWAT Commander for the Orange County (Fla.) Sheriffs Office.

•Talon Smith, an active-duty U.S. Navy Corpsman and actor; recently returned from deployment in Afghanistan, he's currently stationed at Camp Pendleton in Southern California.

"As you know," says Burnett, "I am a veteran and served in the [British Army] Parachute Regiments. I love the military. What this show is, and what you'll see, is a love letter, in a fun way, to those who protect and serve us, showing how hard it is to do their job.

"The takeaway for the public is the fascination with Green Berets and Delta Force and SEALs, and now they get to meet some of them up close and personal, watch them train celebrities and then do missions side-by-side."

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The Triple Threat: Model, Actor, & Politician

By Emily Rogers

When I think of the phrase, “outside the box,” I think of the new cake pops at Starbucks, Rhianna’s hair styles, any Lady Gaga music video, the new diet where you eat dessert before dinner, and the movie Avatar. That, however, was until I had a conversation with model, actor, Iraqi war veteran, father, husband, and future congressman, Andrew McLaren.

Outspoken as can be, it is no wonder that Andrew has made a living in the entertainment industry. His candor, confidence, passion, and willingness to say anything to get people’s attention makes Andrew truly one of a kind.

How did you first get started in modeling?
I first got started in modeling while I was in high school because I had a lot of people tell me that I should. I walked into an agency, was signed, and eventually started doing commercials, fashions shows, and was an escort on the Ricki Lake show.

Why did you decide to join the Marine Corps?
I liked modeling, but I had little life experience at the time and felt like I had nothing substantial to offer. I wanted to be more than just a pretty face. After high school, I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. My father was in the Marine Corps, and since he has always been a positive figure in my life, it was something I was interested in. My mom actually talked me out of it and wanted me to finish college first, but then 9/11 happened and I felt that serving my country was my calling and my chance to go down in history.

Why did you pursue acting again after your service in the Marine Corps?
I always wanted to act. However, being in the military gave me the confidence and life experience that I needed in order to act successfully. I had jumped out of helicopters, avoided enemy fire, and faced so many fears that standing up on a stage felt like nothing. Also, while in the military, I met so many characters that I had a lot of personal experience to draw from. I believe this really helped my acting ability and range. I owe everything to the military. If I had gone to school and just got my Bachelor’s degree, I would probably be unemployed right now and paying off my student loans.

What advice do you have for aspiring models?
Do not have an eating disorder. Be natural looking and take good care of yourself.

Most importantly, BE REALISTIC. Do you have the right look? Do you have something that makes you stand out? The money in modeling is so much lower than it used to be, that sometimes it is not even worth it. Unless you are going to be a Brazilian supermodel or want to use it as a platform to get into acting or another type of entertainment, then go for it. Otherwise, it can be dead end. The chances of making it as a working model, supporting yourself and your family, are very slim.

Also, your pictures are VERY important. Make sure you have great photos.

What advice do you have for aspiring actors?
Be humble and study! If you are nervous, go to acting classes. Again, make sure you have great pictures, but you also need to have a great resume. Otherwise, people will think you are just a model who is trying to be an actor but has no skills or experience.

Remember that you are your product, so you must be constantly networking and building yourself up. Acting is a hustle.

You are involved in so many projects and endeavors. What keeps you motivated?
I genuinely want to make positive changes in politics. It does not take a smart guy to run a country. The hardest part is not being greedy or dishonest. Brad Pitt has helped positively influence change in the world more than some congress people.

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I also love the craft of acting. My ultimate goal is to touch other people’s lives through this art and my real world personality.

Money is not a motivator of mine. There was a time in my life when I was making a lot of money and had lots to spend, but I was not happy. When you have money, you realize that people do not really care about you; they care about your money. One of the happiest times of my life was when I had nothing because I had nowhere to go but up.

Do you like living in Los Angeles?
I love Los Angeles, because you really can go from nothing to everything. I love the palm trees and the beach. However, so many people are into your personal business and are trying to get something from you to benefit them. That is why I love visiting a small town in the Midwest to readjust.

Who are your role models?
My father is a huge role model. He is a Vietnam War veteran and a graduate of Wharton business school. He is a highly decorated soldier and intelligent man, yet he is very humble, very loyal to my mother, and very old fashioned - all things that are hard to find nowadays.

I also really look up to Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Robert F. Kennedy. They did so much to improve our country and inspire change. I wish I lived back in the 1960’s. I feel like today’s society is ruining society. Politics are corrupt and there are crazy things going on in the world.

Do you ever deal with self-doubt and if so, how do you handle it?
I doubt myself all the time. People rarely take the actor-model-congressman combination seriously. People sometimes think I am fake. Yes, I am a flashy person, I like to be provocative and controversial, and I like to tell people about the good things that I do, but I have a big heart and I always tell the truth. I could never live with myself if I sold myself out.
I never turn to drugs or alcohol to help alleviate my doubt. I just deal with it. Sometimes I will vent to friends, but I internally believe that it will pass and that all things get better with time.

What do you have in the works for the future?
I am running for office – to be a congressman of California, but I honestly do not expect to win. I just want to have a voice. I want to keep politicians honest. I have a heart, and I believe more good people need to step up and fight for an honest country.

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At just age 26, Andrew McLaren has already had many roles in his life - soldier, bodyguard, playboy and, most recently, family man and political candidate.

He's starring in "Battle for Haditha," a film scheduled for release in January. It is based on allegations that Marines killed 24 Iraqis - including women and children - during a 2005 rampage in that Iraqi city.

"I kind of wanted to live a full life and do whatever I wanted to do," McLaren said recently about his rather unique résumé.

For McLaren, a former model, this is his first major role in a film, and his experience in the military helped him land the part.

"He had some combat experience in Iraq, and he and the other guys that were in the military give it a little credence as far as reality is concerned," said Gordon McLaren, Andrew's father and a Vietnam War veteran. "They've all been there. They've all seen it."

Andrew McLaren was a Marine for several years, which included a 2003 mission to Liberia to guard the U.S. Embassy during that country's civil war. He also served in Iraq, hunting for improvised explosive devices on the streets of Baghdad and helping to train members of the Iraqi army.

For his service, he received the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and the Humanitarian Service Medal, according to his honorable discharge papers.

McLaren returned from Iraq in 2005, but he soon went back to the war zone as an employee of the Blackwater USA private security firm. He said he earned top dollar guarding senators and Bush administration officials and even the president on one occasion.

The job is very dangerous. Part of the work included providing armed escort duty for U.S. officials going outside of Baghdad's relatively secure "Green Zone."

He's attending the New York City Police Academy next month.

He's also planning to run for a seat on the North Castle Town

"I really, really want to get my voice out there," McLaren said.

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For more information regarding this American hero ANDREW MCLAREN please vist and don't forget to watch Andrew on NBC's new primetime series STARS EARN STRIPES honoring our brave U.S Military and law enforcement. SRARS EARN STRIPES is premiering Monday August 13th,2012 from 8 to 10pm only on NBC!

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Mr. Andrew Mclaren is a fraud and a fake. It has come to the attention of REAL Special Operations veterans that Mr. Mclaren has both embellished and lied about his "special operations" military service as well as his private security experience. He has also claimed being "good friends" with real operators, who gave their lives, in an attempt to validate his claims.

He claims he is a Christian, and activist for disabled vets, yet on his Facebook page he refers to a decorated 23 year retired Special Forces amputee, who question his claims, as "stick your peg leg up your fat lying ass" Nice right? Humane and compassionate right? Activist for disabled veterans right? Uh, yeah.

And you call Mr Mclaren a hero? I think not. More like poser and fake, using his lies to promote his acting career.

Here is a link to a Special Operations forum where you can read the details and get the facts

Andrew Mclaren is an OPPORTUNISTIC FRAUD!

FOX News and NBC have been made aware of his lies and deceit.

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Lol. This guy is a fucking tool

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Mclaren isn't a Christian, he's a shady used car salesman, selling snake oil, with a self serving agenda. His tongue is full of venom, judgements, and half thruths.

His day shall come.

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Andrew was a member of fast company in Europe and deployed to liberia. He deployed to iraq with anti terrorism bat. And then again with blackwater doing psd. This guy trashing him got cut from the show and is jealous. The peg legged guy stalking Mr. Mclaren lost his leg as a civilian not as a member of the armed services. I have worked with Andrew and various ship protection details and he is a morally sound Christian and a solid operator.

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Andrew McLaren's resume was validated by the state Department, headquarters marine corps and blackwater. In fact andrew was working on a movie deal with erik prince himself about his psd days. Now you attack Andrews religion??? Wow you people are pathetic.

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Some guy named chris cluck is threatening to kill the cast of stars earn stripes. Chris lost his leg and testcles while working for haliburton.

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Just watched Andrew on fox news and he is HOT!

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Figures all those haliburton guys are fat turds. Did cluck aka tripod really lose his testicles from a vbied during his haliburton days? I think I heard of that dude, he's gotta take steroids for the rest of his life and that's why he's always threatening people online.

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Great interview on fox and friends mclaren loved it bro. To you haters you can shut the hell up mclaren is the real deal and a very generous person.

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Chris Cluck aka Tripod was never in SF that guy is full of it. He got med boarded for cancer and lost his leg working for KBR.

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I was researching Andrew and stumbled on this site. Not sure what it is exactly, but wanted to say Andrew you are great!

It looks like there is some disagreement on here, but in reading I have a couple questions. First, has the Cluck guy been talked to by the police for his threats against Stars earn Stripes cast? How and where did he make the threats? Was it in person?

Lastly, how could some guy expect to be on the show if he was horribly injured below the waist and lost his legs? that seems weird because the show looks very hard

Thanks - Connie S.

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Andrew Mclaren says;

"I am running for office – to be a congressman of California, but I honestly do not expect to win. I just want to have a voice. I want to keep politicians honest. I have a heart, and I believe more good people need to step up and fight for an honest country"

So do you call posting on here from the same IP address, pretending to be different people, in order to bash someone disabled while you build yourself up being honest?

LMAO! No wonder people are beginning to really dislike you.

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Wow. Look's like Andrew Mclaren had his detractors going back a year or so. Click the link and scroll down to read all of the comments. Interesting.

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Andrew Mclaren is an egotistical fucktard that has lied about and embellished so many aspects of his background.

Charity my ass, Christian my ass, it's all about him.

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Andrew McLaren is loved by millions across the world and that is pure fact.

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"Andrew McLaren is loved by millions across the world and that is pure fact. "

Yep. By dumbasses that don't know better and fags. Andrew McLaren is bisexual.

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"Andrew McLaren is loved by millions across the world and that is pure fact."

Looks like Andrew is on here posting as someone else again. Lol.

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I can tell that most of the positive comments here are in the same dialect and writing style as Mr. McLaren himself. Doesn't take a genius to figure that out lol. Based on spending time with the 'Real man" awhile ago, I agree that Andrew comes across as a scammer, womanizer and not the American Hero that his former self interviews portray. He says that everything is not about him and that he wants to give back, etc etc. It's all a facade and eventually more and more people will become aware of his "hollywood wannabe" fakeness and will not buy any of his BS. He made a few high profile friends and just hangs on to their coat tails and talks a big talk. He's a narcissistic pathological liar who takes advantage of people. One day he will be judged by Him

Janet Dyson said...

McLaren's biography has been verified and fact checked over the years including his DD-214 and it all checks out as being legit. As far as him being a womanizer I don't know if that's true but I am sure he's not the first nor last celebrity to be accused of that.

Janet Dyson said...

McLaren's biography all checks out as being legit. As far as him being a womanizer, I think Leo DiCaprio and Larry King take the prize on that.