Friday, June 08, 2012

I hated it.

I went to the advanced screening of Spartacus Blood and Sand last night in Century City. And I hated it. I was so infuriated and disappointed last night that I was grateful that I was exhausted as I would not be able to sleep. They are destroying the genre. They are ruining something I love and it really disturbed me.

The most offensive aspect of this series is the level of nudity and completely unnecessary nudity in this series. Let me tell you why I do not like nudity. Not only does nudity pervert morality but it also alienates people. The people who love the sand and sword genre do not want to see this kind of stuff. We tolerated it in HBO's Rome because we loved the genre and it times it made sense to do so. But there is so much meangless sex in this TV show it is hard to know where to begin. There is a lot of nudity in Tudors and Rome and one can argue that the nudity brings in new viewers - younger veiwers that will buy your stuff over a longer life cycle. My question is, you gained these veiwers but at what cost? And how loyal are these viewers to your brand? Most of us who love this genre are older, but we are very loyal and influential. If we wanted to see more nudity, we wouldn't care about what happened 2,000 years ago. We would care about what is going to happen in the next five minutes. I have it on good authority that the network mandated more soft porn at the expense of story. If that is true, then STARZ is not competing with HBO and SHOWTIME, but with Skin-a-Max.

One can argue that nudity moves the story forward. Artistically I can concede that, but one artist to another, you can avoid the problematic nature of nudity with actor's expressions and obscure camera angles. Recall FX's successful handling of a homosexual oral rape scene, compare what Shawn Ryan did and what Lucy Lawless et al are doing and you can say that what Shawn Ryan did was art and what Lucy Lawless is doing is softcore porn.

A guest actress in episode 9 patronized the screening. After the screening, I really asked myself "Wow, if I went up to this actress and said with sincerity, I really admire your work." What is she going to think of me? She is going to think I am some kind of pervert who is really saying he admires her body. Where as I can go up to anyone on the production of GLADIATOR and THE SHIELD and no one would question me.

Again, it is a matter of class. Something that is hard to find nowadays. I was hoping I would find it with SPARTACUS. I was disappointed.

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