Thursday, June 28, 2012

I support Caiden Cowger

The purpose of this video is to declare my support for Caiden Cowger.  

On May 10, 2012, our President declared his support for gay marriage. On June 6, a 14 year old boy in West Virginia named Caiden Cowger criticized Obama and said that Obama is making kids gay. Within 24 hour of Caiden Cowger posting his opinion online, the Los Angeles celebrity tabloid TMZ criticized Caiden Cowger.   TMZ made fun of West Virginians and how Caiden Cowger talks.  The Huffington Post covered the Caiden Cowger and declared him an enemy.

On June 23, 2012, Bill Maher criticized Caiden Cowger for his opinion through a series of vulgar ad hominem attacks.

Those are the facts.  Let’s go over them again:

The President of the United States declared his support for gay marriage on May 10.

 On June 6, a 14 year old criticized the President.

 Within 24 hours, 2 major Los Angeles based news outlets single out their news criticism 14 year old boy.

Four days ago, a nationally known TV personality mocked this same 14 year old boy calling him using crude language.  This same TV personality donated the President of the United States 1 million dollars toward his re-election campaign.

There must be something very true about what this 14 year-old boy said about the President for 3 Los Angeles based media organizations come at him so hard and in this way.

In case you haven’t guessed, I am not a 14 year old boy.  I spent 12 years defending my country – 9 years active duty, 3 years in the reserves, with three combat tours in Iraq assigned to the Special Forces.  I am an electrical engineer who tested million dollar communications systems in Yuma and Fort Huachuca.  I am a filmmaker who produced over 30 short films, 15 spec commercials and 2 feature films I wrote, produced and directed.  I am working on my third.   I hold a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Arizona.  I am conversant in two languages and conversant in 4. 

Whatever your views on homosexuality and how we as a free society should relate to it, this approach to persuade employed by these corporate media moguls is not very persuasive.   Before organizations like, the Daily Kos and Jon Stewart, people had to make an argument.  They had to state an opinion and provide facts that supported their argument.  It wasn’t personal.  These are the facts and people exchanged ideas.  That is not what we have today.  We have a mob that shouts its opinions and if you don’t agree, then you are not even human.  This mob has one card that it plays and its force.  You saw that last year with the Occupy Wall Street protests and you see it increasingly in the President’s re-election campaign. 

Americans find this bullying behavior from politically correct circles distasteful and the fact that it is coming from large Los Angeles based corporate media organizations such as TMZ, the Huffington Post and HBO, that is disturbing.  We are talking about a 14-year old boy.  Think about it.  Myself and a 14-year old boy are having a public disagreement in a grocery store, the child makes an argument and I respond by mocking his intelligence and calling him a lewd word for male genitalia.  Who would you believe?

If you agree with Caiden Cowger like I do, and are afraid because these fascist attempts to silence freedom of speech are coming from the White House with orchestration multimillion-dollar media types.  I can tell you from experience that your fear will not serve you.  It is stupid to be afraid.   They have a lot of power.  But nothing they will, no matter how dastardly or diabolic will ever make them right.  And the truth be told, they are more afraid of you.  Think about it. 

What it is time to do, is to hold people accountable. Time Warner owns TMZ and HBO.  Jeffery Bewkes is the Chief Executive Officer at Time Warner.  Arianna Huffington owns the Huffington post.  If you object to Time Warner and the Huffington Post picking on a 14 year old boy, give Mister Bewkes and Ms. Huffington a piece of your mind, maybe you might want to check out their competition or encourage others to do check out their competition as well.

Next year I am going to 40, I have lived with Presidents who are democrats and republicans.  I am a lifelong republican.  I have never voted for a democrat.  When I think my party is screwing up, I stay home.  I remember Bill Clinton.  I can’t vouch for his honesty, his morals or the policy positions he stood for, but we on the other side had a much harder time calling him socialist or totalitarian.  Why bully people when you can charm them?  Why alienate your enemies when you can convince them that you are smarter and much more cooler than they are?  I always believed the Bill and Hillary Clinton were guilty of some illegal and nefarious activity, but I had a harder time convincing my fellow Americans of it.

To my supporters, when Mitt Romney wins in a landslide victory in November and it will be decisive, truth be told I don’t really like Mormons, but Mitt Romney is going to win merely because he is not Obama and therefore qualified to be the President of the United States.  When that day comes and we inaugurate him and he is President, this isn’t over.  Reflect on where we were 4 years ago when 69 million Americans were chanting “Obama! Obama!”  69 million Americans either knew what this man was all about and supported him or 69 million Americans were ignorant and later became surprised  by the extent of their delusion.  Anyway you cut it, that is a serious long term problem for America when we return to freedom after these years of Obamunism.  Obama may be going away by his supporters and his stooges are still with us.  Everyday we must fight to persuade those that can be saved and deter those that cannot.  That will take decades of diligence and vigilance.

I want to talk to my enemies.  My Christian God commands me to love you and so I beg you to heed this friendly advice given in the spirit of love.  I know we live in the digital age where every blogger acts like he is Charles Bronson, but please avoid name-calling and threats.  Name-calling absent of argument and sound reason exposes you as puerile and threats absent action exposes you as pathetic.  Don’t be puerile and don’t be pathetic.  Understand that if you make an enemy of me, there is no epithet that will shame me into agreeing with you.  If you choose to forgo the peaceable exchange of ideas made in community and friendship and instead employ the tactics of the mob and street, know that nothing will stop me except a bullet to the brain.

And since this issue is about homosexuality, let me make my mind perfectly clear.  Your sexuality is a choice.  How you express yourself sexual desire is a choice.  You can order your sexual desire.  Everyone does it every day.  Consummating your homosexual desires will never make you happy and never make you free.  That is the awful truth and the big lie of LGBT.  Christ calls us to love God first for in that love of Christ we can order our love for others so that it serves our freedom and our happiness. 

I do not hate homosexuals.  On the contrary, my Roman Catholic hierarchy commands me to respect all persons.  If you read the epistles of Saint Paul as I do, you know that members of that first gentile church had turned away from their homosexuality to live in the freedom of Christ.  This election cycle I am campaigning for candidate who is a practicing homosexual.  He is more honest man than the heterosexual woman we have in there now.  I will not forget my relatives who love me, nor the friends who labored thousands of hours in my films.  I love my relatives and friends despite their homosexuality.  And my views are well known.  You can have friendships and love your family and still oppose LGBT.  LGBT is lie and Christ is the truth.  Life is a mystery.  And I don’t know why we find ourselves in these curious circumstances.  But I do know that God knows.  Seek Him for Those answers.  God Bless you.


Anonymous said...

Gay marriage acceptance is at an all time high, and will continue to rise to the point where the positions that you currently hold will be as indefensible as those held by those who stated that people of different races shouldn't marry.

You can quote bible verses all you want but it won't change this fact, that right now at this very moment there are thousands of gay and lesbian individuals in strong committed relationships, and they might even having sex! Hopefully you will be able to walk outside without spontaneously combusting due to all of this "sinful" behavior that is going on.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first comment. I myself am a straight individual, an active member of the Catholic church, and I have friends who are also Catholic/Christian and are gay. If you are truly a follower of God, then you should realize that although the Bible does mention a dislike for homosexual activity, God will still love those people for who they are, who He created them to be. Our God is one who forgives and saves, no matter what the issue is. If you TRULY believe that He created this world and all those who inhabit it, then He IS the reason why we have homosexual individuals on this earth. So learn to accept it and not bash people for being who God created them to be. You say that you do not hate homosexuals, yet you oppose the actions that clearly make them who they are. Take care of your own life before you try and change God's plan for the rest of the world.

If you think that I am wrong, pray upon it and allow God to speak to you. Don't try and take it out on me. I'm just leaving my two cents, and would rather not get into a heated argument about it. Have a blessed day.

James A. Bretney said...

The Catholic Church agrees with me however.