Saturday, July 07, 2012

Response to Steinar451, re: Cowger

Dear Steinar451,

First off, let me say awesome video.  Thank you for making it.  A lot of pundits sneer at culture issues.  This is an important issue thank you for making it.

Second of all, there is an attempt to divide us.  Let’s reflect on what we have in common.  We both like Rome, we are both American.  I do have some videos I created about Universal Empire a Roman series you should check out. 

Our common nationality is something we should cherish for whatever the fate of our ideological struggle our shared cultural heritage binds together forever.    I have seen many good men die to protect the lives of Americans like you.  Those men Jeremy Wilson, Bill Howell, Kelly Hornbeck, Frank Gaspar, Tim Vackoc, those men died to make men free and to ensure your freedom so that you can pursue happiness.

Allow me to narrow my remarks specifically to the responsibility of corporations not to pick on children.   That is different then what you and others are doing.  You making a video, a blog or publically criticizing Caiden Cowger is your right and I celebrate it.  Corporations enjoy the same legal freedom as you do.  It personally offends me more when they do it versus when you do it.  They are making money.  They reach more people.  They employ thousands of people making millions on top of millions and they are doing it by picking on a 14 year old boy.

I don’t find that persuasive.  I think it is crass and God forbid if anyone should do something untoward to this boy, these corporations should be held civilly liable.

I do not wish to address some of the larger arguments you made in your video in the interests of time.  If you want to revisit that in another video, we can.  I would like for the purposes of your argument actually agree with you to make to make a small point.

Let’s say that you are right and I am wrong that sexuality is not a choice, that there is a medically proven gay gene.  Let me also take on the role of gay marriage advocate.  So now my mission is to convince as many people as possible about the rectitude of LGBT over all other possible ideologies.  What is the best way to do that?

Again we go back and review Bill Clinton versus Barack Obama.

Do you bully people like Barack Obama with Saul Alinsky tactics?  Do you get your way with name calling and threats and violence?  Or do you get your way be persuading, convincing and selling your ideas with logic and reason?

To illustrate the strength of the later strategy over the former, let’s plat a word game.  I will give you a pair of names, and you tell me who would you rather have dinner with

Oscar Wilder or Barack Obama?

Cole Porter or Barack Obama?

Montgomery Clift or Barack Obama?

Rock Hudson or Barack Obama?

Freddy Mercury or Barack Obama?

Elton John or Barack Obama?

In short there are no shortage of gay Americans who advocate for increased social acceptance of homosexuality through superb and significant cultural contributions.  Contrast that with the Chicago way of Barack Obama.  Bill Clinton is a master salesman.  He understood that he is not going to sell everyone, but he got many people to adopt and buy his ideas.  What about Barack Obama?  He is just a bully and being a bully as you know is just ugly.

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