Saturday, July 07, 2012

to TheAtheistGamer100 re: Cowger


Thank you for making the video.  I actually agree with a lot of points you have made. 
1)   We agree that mocking or criticizing Cadien Cowger is free speech and that governments should not limit political speech. 
2)   We agree that Barack Obama is not the best President we have ever had. 
3)   We agree that no one should be beaten up for an opinion. 
4)   You have called me a hypocrite and a profanity.  People have called me worse and they are correct.  If you want to know what I really think of myself check out my Adventures in PTSD comedy series. 

I addressed much of your critiques in my response to Steinar451.   We agree that individuals and corporations enjoy an absolute right to freedom of political speech.  I find some speech to be more persuasive than others. I hold corporations to higher standards than I would you or Steinar451.

In fact, I have a larger responsibility to listen to you and Steinar451.  You are not trying to reach into my pocket and make me poorer.  You are expressing what is in your heart.  You are my brother in Christ.  You are my neighbor.  You are an American. 

The heart of the matter is whether or not to accept Christianity.  You reject Christianity because you feel that the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit betrayed you.  I don’t know what happened but it sounds like you went through some trauma.

Let me first address your argument against religion merely on the grounds that it is dated and therefore irrelevant.  It is the easiest to dismiss.  Just because something is old doesn’t mean it should be discarded.  Consider these 2,000 year-old quotes.

Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself

Brevity is a great charm of eloquence.

A man of courage is also full of faith.

Assassins murdered this man who said these words 43 years before the birth of Christ.  He was not a Jew or Christian.  He was a pagan.  His name was Marcus Tullius Cicero.  You see even Pagans can derive the truth through reason and natural law.  Cicero believed that a man’s virtue made him immortal.

We believe in Christianity because it has the words of Eternal Life.

I can tell you that the desire to denounce belief in God takes exactly the same amount of faith as the desire to believe.  Atheists have the same paradoxes, contradictions and conundrums as those who adhere to any religion because like any other religion Atheism is a system of beliefs regarding the relationship of its adherents to the divine.  Atheists profess salvation through science and the infallibility of logic.  The problem is that that life is a mystery.  They do not have a monopoly on science and their devotion to logic is shrill, cold and mutable.

A Christian believes that he is a child of God and that God made him for love and to be loved.  An atheist does not believe that the individual is special or even deserving of love.  An atheist believes that the individual derives itself from mutated pond scum, that life is absurd.  Atheists are pessimistic people who believe nihilism and therefore are swayed by popular fads and convoluted conspiracies.  There is a triumphalism about each Atheist without any accomplishments.  There is not system of morals, ethics, no compulsion to extol compassion, love or forgiveness in Atheism.  They are the preferred constituency of tyrants for without sincere belief in anything except in this amorphous no-god, they are the first to adhere to false messiahs and cults of personality.  They fear any kind of public humiliation yet it is their tool of choice in grabbing political power.  Atheists are the first to point out all the wars fought in the name of religion yet they forget that genocides of the 20th century were committed by the amazing atheists of their time.  Lenin killed 9 million people in the Russian Revolution.  Stalin killed 20 million.  Adolf Hitler killed 66 million people.  Mao Zedong killed 40 million people.  Pol Pot killed 1.65 million people.  Those figures are very conservative by the way.

But let’s get to the heart of the matter which is your hatred of God.  You cannot hate something that doesn’t exist.  We can’t hate the Tooth Fairy.  So you believe in God.  You were a Christian.  But you cannot see God’s plan.  You see Him as cruel and uncaring.  SICK.

Saint John Vianney said that the reason why we don’t get everything that we want in when we want it is because if God gave us what we wanted when we wanted it that object would endanger our salvation.

I sometimes feel the way you do.  I don’t understand His Purpose or why so many people have to suffer or why specifically I must suffer when I feel like I have acted rightly and done all that I can.

But like Saint Peter, I ask myself who else has the words of Eternal Life?  Where else can I find truth?  Happiness? Or Peace?  But through Christ.  Christ did not promise that we would be free from sorrow, pain or disappointment.  But he did promise us that when those times would come that He would be there.  And I cannot speak for you, but for me when I am suffering, I find it is easier to deny that God is with me because then if I deny He is not there then I wouldn’t have to listen to Him, do His Will or try it His Way.  Then I return to folly and make a bad situation even worse.

Whatever happened to you wasn’t fair.  But was it fair, when some shady politicians nailed Christ to a cross?  Is it fair that a million babies will die this year?  Is it fair men go without work?  Women without love?  Children without bread?  Christ calls us to be new men.  You cannot be a great man.  You cannot enjoy freedom and happiness without Christ, because only when you do the will of Christ and His Purpose for you will you know those things. 

Whether you agree with me or not, I pray that you are happy, free, rich and have woman in your life that loves you and that you love back.  God Bless You.

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