Thursday, August 09, 2012

Nazi Pope

The purpose of this video is dispute the Catholicism of Adolf Hitler.

This is a video response to MsAmericanAtheist.

Two weeks ago, MsAmericanAtheist made a video stating that Adolf Hitler was a good Catholic.

If Hitler was a good Catholic, how many audiences did he have with the Pope?

If Hitler was a good Catholic, how many times did he go to mass? Confession?  Communion?

Why didn't he receive Last Rites?

If Hitler was a good Catholic, why didn't he get married in the Catholic Church? 

Catholics walk through life amidst the spiritual gifts of the Sacraments.  The Sacraments are Baptism, Communion, Confession, Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy Orders and Last Rights.  There is no evidence that Hitler received the Sacraments past his teenage years.

But let’s look at Hitler’s policies shall we? 

Yes, Hitler paid lip service to Catholicism and yes Hitler had many little helpers.

But why did Hitler try to separate Judaism from Christianity?

Why was Nazi membership prohibited among Catholics in Weimar Germany?

Why did Catholics deny the sacraments and Catholic burials to Nazis?

Why was the Catholic party - the Centre Party – the main opposition to Hitler during the Weimar Republic?

Why was the first official denunciation of Nazism made by any major organization, a Catholic one?

Why did Catholics excoriate Nazis in over 400 magazines and newspapers?

Why did Father Josef Tuesh write 20 booklets against Nazism?  These anti-Nazi pamphlets had a circulation of 7 million people.   In a country that had 62 million, that’s 11% of the total population and one-third the adult population.

If Catholics were so pro-Nazi, why did the British RAF drop flyers of Bishop Clemens August Graf von Galen anti-Nazi sermons on German soldiers?

Cardinal Faulhaber said that "History teaches us that God always punished the tormenters of…the Jews. No Roman Catholic approves of the persecutions of Jews in Germany." Why did he say that?

Why did Catholic military men Wilhelm Canaris, Claus Von Staffenberg and Josef Mueller try to kill Hitler in 1944?

Both Catholics, both Canaris and Von Staffenberg died at the hands of the Nazis.

Why did prominent Catholic commentators like Waldemar Gurian, Dietrich von Hildebrand and Hans A. Reinhold leave Germany when Hitler seized power?

Why did the Nazi's behead 3 Catholics involved in the anti-war movement called the White Rose in 1943?

Why did Pope Pius XI write 2 encyclicals condemning fascism one against Mussolini  in 1936 and one against Hitler in 1937?

Why did the Nazis prevent Catholics from sending money to missionaries?

Why did the Nazis force Catholics to take a loyalty oath?

Why did the Nazis seize Catholic Church property?

Why did Nazis remove all the crosses in Germany and replace them with Swastikas?

Why was the only time Cardinal Schulte met with Hitler to protest Alfred Rosenberg as state philosopher?

Why did Hitler appoint Alfred Rosenberg as state philosopher? – an atheist and a neopagan  whose book THE MYTH OF THE 20TH CENTURY is on the Index of Forbidden Books?  Why didn't he just appoint a good Catholic?

Why did Pope Pius XI call Nazis Insane & arrogant?

Why did Pope Pius XI call Nazism a "Myth of blood?"

Why did Pope Pius XI call Hitler a "mad prophet possessed of repulsive arrogance?"

The New York Times wrote that "The voice of Pius XII is a lonely voice in the silence and darkness enveloping Europe this Christmas....In calling for a 'real new order' based on 'liberty, justice, and love,'...the pope put himself squarely against Hitlerism." If Pope Pius XII was the so-called Nazi pope, why did the Times write that?

Why did the so-called Nazi Pope appoint two Jews to the Vatican Academy of Science?

Why did the so-called Nazi Pope hide 477 Jews inside the Vatican?

Why did the so-called Nazi Pope hide another 4,238 Jews in monasteries and convents?

Why did the so-called Nazi Pope transfer 6,000 Jewish children in Bulgaria to Palestine?

Why did the so-called Nazi Pope condemn Hitler in his first encyclical for invading Poland?

Why did the so-called Nazi Pope send expressions of sympathy to the Queen of the Netherlands, the King of Belgium, and the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg - all enemies of Nazi Germany?

Why did the so-called Nazi Pope meet with a group of German generals seeking to overthrow Hitler?

Why did the Nazis conduct Immorality show trials against Catholic clerics?

Why did the Nazi's send 2,600 German clergy in the concentration camps of which 77% died?

Why was the greatest moral power on earth an enemy of Hitler?

What this demonstrates is Atheists are not interested in the truth, facts, morality or justice.  They hate these things. 

They live by the credo: There is no god and I hate him!  Their tenets are “do what you want” which is the same tenet uttered by the enemy of god.  They reenact rituals of lies, superstitions and madness to inflict their insanity on those that have to live with them.

They are the greatest threat to Western Civilization since Caliphate of Muhammed because they are the principal agents of the re-paganization.  They are an internal enemy, a scourge and blight that we will never be free of.  We must save who we can and deter those who cannot be saved.  These Atheists must never have positions of authority or influence.  Their ideas and actions must be refuted forcefully and quickly if we want to live and live in freedom. We must oppose them through prayer, good works and encourage others to do so now and until the end of time.

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