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Matt Kibbe Should Resign

Facts are stubborn things.  They are open to ridicule but not changed by them.  They sway public opinion but are not swayed by public opinion.

I was the last time embrace Romney.  I supported other candidates.  In the general, I chose not to donate to his campaign nor did I volunteer.  The last Presidential campaign I volunteered in was for Bush in 04 and I never regretted that decision.  I hung up a sign for McCain in my yard.  But now that Romney is no longer the titular head of the party.  I will not abandon him like these shameless disgusto Repubs from DC (like Gingrich, Stephen Haynes, Rove, THE ENTIRE RNC APPARATCHIK)

Let's presume that the President won the election fair and square.  Quite a large leap for even the most imaginative of men.  Let us go further and state that the case for the democratic majority are such that they doom the GOP into a permanent minority.  What should be done?  Should we cheat like them?  No.  For if you believe as I do, that men should govern themselves then committing retaliatory voter fraud is the way to go.  No.  We cannot win the Republic by employing Milo to kill Clodius.  We must endure, argue, plead and pray. 

Many cite Romney's failure to capture the prize because of his incompetence due to Project Orca.  I don't think so.  A failure of this magnitude means more heads should roll.  Romney has his punishment.  He is pumping his own gas in LaJolla.  What about the other d-bags?  They need a swift boat tea bag on the double quick.  This is not one wing going after another.  This is bottom up decapitate the top.  Matt Kibbe should go.  Bye Bye Ann Coulter.  Laura Ingram.  All you all.  I mean if you cannot defend Akin or Murdoch when Jesse Jackson Jr wins re-election in rehab or Charlie Rangel evades taxes on his Domincan possessions and Melendez won't pay his hooker bill, then no, the people have spoken and they would rather have crooks and ladrones for leaders than cowards andmaricons for patrones.  And if that's the people's judgment, I accept it.

James A. Bretney
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How many Senate candidates have we denied the GOP? Delaware, Nevada, Indiana, Conneticutt and Missouri
Heads should roll Kibbe. Any ideas who?
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What I am Thankful For

For this week’s newsletter, I decided to embrace the spirit of the holiday and share three things I am thankful for.

Our Freedom

First, I am thankful for the freedom we still enjoy in this country. ObamaCare is on the horizon and the Federal Register grows exponentially year by year, but American liberty persists. We still have the freedom to patronize businesses we like, to work for any employer that will hire us, and to express our opinions without fear of retaliation. It is through our free choices that we create prosperity for ourselves and others.
Unfortunately, these freedoms are under constant attack by the Washington establishment. Our mission at FreedomWorks has always been to combat the forces of big government and support those who understand the value of free enterprise. In a country where the principles of life, liberty, and pursuing happiness are enshrined in the founding document, preserving these basic tenets is now more important than ever.

Our Staff

Second, I am thankful for the dedicated staff at FreedomWorks, working everyday on behalf of economic freedom. It is our pleasure to provide our activists with tools like Freedom Connector, the Live Events portal, and the Congressional Scorecard.

Our Community

Lastly and most importantly, I am thankful for you and the entire FreedomWorks family. Your passion for liberty is what inspires the staff and I to keep up the fight. The bottom-up grassroots community we are building is electing real fiscal conservatives to Congress- not political panderers.
turkeyflag.jpgI couldn’t be more thankful to work alongside such a group of dedicated activists. I am proud that our movement is expanding and continues to be a formidable presence in the national scene. We will continue to provide an outlet for patriots to unite and preserve freedom for the next generation.
The community at FreedomWorks is like no other. We all come from different backgrounds but are committed to one thing: liberty. It is something I am thankful to be part of everyday of the year.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours,
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Matt Kibbe
President and CEO, FreedomWorks

Tea Time with Max Pappas

Sowell 2.pngIn the second of two videos, FreedomWorks’ Max Pappas talks with famed economist Thomas Sowell on the impact of the Tea Party. He speaks to why citizen activism is important and what average Americans must do to promote economic freedom.
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De : James Bretney
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Objet : Re: Help Stop Californian Bankruptcy

I think you should resign.  You didn't save Murdoch, Akin or Angle.  In fact, we have made no gains in the Senate, House or ahem - the Presidency.  So what's it going to be Matt?
James A. Bretney
President, Airborne Productions, Inc | 
520 255 4137

De : Matt Kibbe - FreedomWorks
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Envoyé le : Mercredi 28 novembre 2012 18h00
Objet : Help Stop Californian Bankruptcy

Dear James,
The size of our state-based public pension liabilities is an enormous scandal… and it’s flying under the radar. FreedomWorks would like to help reform these pensions before they bankrupt our states and local communities… but we can only get involved if there are enough citizens who are willing join together to fight for our future.
All told, state and local governments have four trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities thanks to overpromising government pensions and greedy government employees. For reference, four trillion dollars is larger than the entire U.S. budget last year. No amount of taxation can make up this shortfall.
The government unions are out of control, and we need a structural change for the corrupt process by which big-government politicians buy off their cronies in the unions. It's an endless cycle: unions elect liberal politicians to give them more taxpayer money, which allows them to elect more liberal politicians for even more spoils. It has to end.
One tool at our disposal is the ballot initiative process. Since politicians have continued to offer impossible promises to government employees instead of making tough decisions, the taxpayers will have to step in and do what is right.
Based on the response we receive and the number of patriots who are ready to go to the mat for pension reform, FreedomWorks may enter the fray.
We must keep California free from the crushing burden of debt and bankruptcy. Through the ballot initiative process, we can take back the power, end the cycle of corruption, and save our state.
In Liberty,
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Matt Kibbe
President and CEO, FreedomWorks
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