Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Devers is Dead and Dannels is In

Dead Devers (the best friend a drug dealer ever had)
The more things change the more things stay the same.  Sheriff Devers kills himself in an alcohol related car accident and the biggest douche bag on the force gets his job.  We get the government we deserve.

De : James Bretney
À :
Cc :
Envoyé le : Mercredi 30 janvier 2008 21h01
Objet : Complaint Against Deputy Mark Dannels

Sherrif Devers,
The purpose of this email is to question the conduct of Deputy Mark Dannels during a night time routine traffic stop on July 4, 2007. On that date, Deputy Mark Dannels cited me for not having for failing to make a complete stop at a stop sign at the Green Acres and 92 intersection and for failing to provide proof of insurance. 

Current Cochise Clown in Chief
Mark Dannels,
A real friend to the People
During the traffic stop, Deputy Dannels tried to provoke a confrontation with me by raising his voice several times and asking, “Do you want to argue about this?” Deputy Dannels then boasted that he had been a police officer for a long time and that he knew what he was doing.
I don’t mind getting a lecture from a policeman. I don’t mind getting a ticket from policemen. What I object to is getting a lecture and a ticket from a policeman when I did nothing to antagonize him. It is obvious that he was on a DUI task force and was disappointed when I was sober . Further, if he was fishing for drunk drivers, why did he post himself outside a Trailer Park?
I think the people of Cochise County demand a little bit more professionalism from their policemen.  Thank you.
James A. Bretney
Sierra Vista, AZ
(520) 255 4137


Anonymous said...

Then don't break the goddam law! Stop at stop signs and have proof of your insurance. Can't get any easier than that.

James A. Bretney said...

Ok Anonymous. Tyrants must love you