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Duped by the Hollywood Rapist

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Subject: Re: A Worcester Man face Rape Allegations in Topanga

Dear Ms. Lamson,

Your newspaper wrote a rather glowing piece of Mr. Bowler.

Your article authored by Mr. Duckett cited:

"Helping matters has been a $550 million capital investment in IMG from Borak Holding, an Egyptian-based asset management and brokerage firm. The investment will allow Bowler and his team the ability to purchase film libraries, acquire talent and entertainment management, and fund in-house movie projects."

That is a half a billion dollars. How did Mr. Bowler and business partner Bret Saxon spend that half billion dollar injection of capital into his discredited and bankrupt company Insomnia Media Group? It's been 3 years. What has Bowler, Saxon and Insomnia produced in 3 years that cost $ 500 million?

The budget for "Toy Story 3" the top grossing film in 2010 is $ 200 million. The same is true for the second highest grossing movie "Alice In Wonderland." The same is true for "Iron Man 2." All of these films had A-list talent attached to the project. With a half billion dollars surely there would be something to show for the machinations of Bowler and Saxon.

According to your article Duckett quotes Bowler saying:

"It's 300 to 400 phone calls a day. It's literally nonstop. Three cell phones, two assistants."

Again, where's the beef? Who calls Bowler 300 to 400 times a day? I am a Hollywood producer. I have a feature film and 3 shorts in post production right now, 2 projects in development, 1 short in production and 1 feature in pre-production and that excludes the consulting work I do. At most, I get at most 10 phone calls.

Again, more questions abound about this holding company Borak Asset Management Group from Egypt. Who exactly is Borak? Where are they located? Did Duckett verify that funds had been deposited? Why is there no record of Borak other than press releases propagated by Bowler and Saxon? Again, I am not the brightest brick in the apple cart, but riddle me this batman - Egypt is a poor country with 70 million Arabs - the most populous Arab country and yet wealth is usually consolidated between the Christian Arabs and the ruling elite of the Mubarak family. Why is there no mention of any of the prominent Christian Arab families or ties to Mubarak mentioned? How was this deal brokered? How many trips did he tax to Egypt? Where did he stay? Who did he meet with? How Where did this money come from? What independent sources verify the truth of Bowler's claims?

So again, a little follow up may be necessary to absolve your organization from earning the reputation of being an echo chamber for a world class liar, fraud and pervert.

I don't know what community you serve in Massachusetts or what your circulation is like in your community of Winchendon. For what little investigating I have done. It has turned up some interesting questions. Did your reporter Mr. Duckett know about these frauds and neglected to mention. This would make Duckett complicit in Bowler's representations of himself or more likely that Mr. Duckett did not know about and did not bother to check out.

Bowler claims he was one of the founders and was employed as an executive in Vincent MacMahon's WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). That is interesting because during one of the years he listed as employed with WWE, 1999, he was in jail.

Why didn't Mr. Duckett ask Bowler's childhood friends or folks from High School what do they think of Bowler and his success? Why don't you ask them what kind of kid he was in school?

I went to high school in Tucson, Arizona at University High School co-located at Rincon high school and in Bremerton, Washington graduating from Bremerton High School in 1991. People in Bremerton high school still live in Bremerton and Tucson and they can tell you what kind of kid I was, whether or not I was honest, hard working, sincere or had any character flaws. I bet you those same people have an opinion on my success and many failures.

Did Mr. Duckett ask around about Bowler? If so why not? Because I did and you know what they told me? They told me that he stole money from his own grandmother defrauding her of $ 50 after telling her that she won a TV. She couldn't pick it up at the s tore so he pocketed it. Did Duckett tell you about the check stealing schemes? That's funny because they told me. Bowler would convince other children to steal checks from their parents so he would then cash the checks. The parents would not prosecute their own children and Bowler kept the loot for himself. I wonder why Duckett didn't report that. Does Duckett know who Bowler's probation officer is? That's funny because I do. Paul Trippy is Bowler's probation officer. Is it true that Bowler skipped bail? If so why doesn't Massachusetts law enforcement follow up on his probation violations? Does Duckett even care about who he writes about? Bowler's criminal past is public record and members of the press have an easier time getting access to these records than a guy living in California does. And yet here it is.

There is a lot of evidence against Mr. Bowler evidence offered by his own son against him. And to this very day Bowler runs free and to this very day Bowler is threatening and bribing witnesses through cajolery, fraud and intimidation. And you don't want to do a follow up.

I humbly request that you reconsider this decision for any future rape, fraud or theft will be on your conscience. You have a nice day.

James A. Bretney | President | Airborne Productions, Inc |

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To: "Airborne Productions, Inc."
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Subject: Re: A Worcester Man face Rape Allegations in Topanga

Mr. Bretney,

Thank you for your e-mail. We do not write stories about allegations. However, if Mr. Bowler is charged with the crime, we may be interested in reporting it. At any rate, we appreciate your bringing this to our attention.

Leah M. Lamson
Editor, Telegram & Gazette
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Worcester, MA 01615-0012
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"Airborne Productions, Inc."
11/01/2010 06:31 PM
A Worcester Man face Rape Allegations in Topanga

Richard Ducket did a nice write up on Jeff Bowler on April 4, 2008 regarding his work on the Grand.

I thought it would be a nice follow up if he could do a story on Bowler seeing as how "The Grand" did not make any money and the public panned it.

But more than that, Bowler faces rape allegations and was recently fired from GLOBAL UNIVERSAL.

FYI. Thank you and have a great day!

James A. Bretney | President | Airborne Productions, Inc |

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