Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Videos Andrew McLaren doesn't want you to see

In the fall of 2010, Andrew McLaren and I produced a series of videos to document the absurd and arbitrary treatment he received at the hands of corrupt liberal democrat bureaucrats. Andrew McLaren promised when he got his kids back that he'd retaliate against the totalitarians.

In June of 2011, Andrew McLaren announced his run for Congress. He appointed me his campaign manager. I did not ask for the job nor did he pay me for my labor. He promised he would take it to Obama and his totalitarians. A week later he tells everyone that he thinks Obama and the totalitarians deserve re-election and that he is thinking of joining the totalitarian party.

I actually think that these videos make Andrew look good because for once in his life he was not being a celebrity lickspittle/media whore and was actually concerned about doing the right thing for himself and for others who shared his plight as a falsely accused father. But now that the artistic geniuses who bankrolled the uniquely American invention have offered Andrew McLaren a reality TV show, now Prince Andrew wants to be Mr. Clean.

There's something to be said about the firmness of a man's word, Mr. McLaren, I find your words flaccid.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"My name is Armineh Chelebian For those of you who would rather take time to learn about Andrew and not pre judge him I would like to thank you...I would not support Andrew if I did not think or believe he is an honest and stand up individual...with a heart to serve and spirit who seeks and speaks the truth ... I have followed Andrews career as well as have the honor of having him as my friend...Andrew is a decorated Iraq Veteran and Marine who has served our country with honor, he is a loving and devoted father who has a heart for our youth and their well being and has been a mentor to troubled youth...he is a humanitarian who has no fear of speaking up and showing up where there has been an unjust act by authorities or police ..., he is an internationally known talented actor and tv personality who is using his fame and success to provide for his children and help out the veterans and needy...he is outspoken and has been on many media outlets as a guest...including Fox News and has no hesitation to speak up the truth and from his heart....he is a great supporter of Veterans and an activist for them, last summer Andrew was on a national prime time show called Stars Earn Stripes where the prize for the winners and celebrities were donated to Veteran charity of their choice...Andrew is an author in the midst of having his book published where proceeds would go to help veterans and their families, he is the star of a upcoming reality TV show to be named with much success foreseen...he also has ran and will run again for U.S. Congress in four years as he sees the change and truth that is needed and is lacking from our elected officials...he will be people's voice and will be there for the love of his country and fellow please before judging a person please take time to educate yourself. I am Andrew McLaren's campaign manager for his 2016 Congressional run." -Armineh Chelebian

James A. Bretney said...

Andrew also has a record of stabbing people in the back

ChelebianLA said...

Anonymous please remove my comments that you shared here, these comments were posted on my FB's personal page in the past and was not intended to be publicaly posted here without my knowledge or consent . Thank you Armineh

ChelebianLA said...

Anonymous please remove my comment from this post I shared this comment on my personal FB page and then I saw it was re posted here without my knowledge or consent ... thank you Armineh